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The meaning of Spoke

Spoke – definition


Each of the bars or wire rods connecting the centre of a wheel to its outer edge.

Usage examples:

A large, open circle at the front connects with an outside wheel by means of spokes, some straight …

Past of speak.


Say something in order to convey information or to express a feeling.

Usage examples:

In his agitation he was unable to speak

(of behaviour, an object, etc.) serve as evidence for something.

Usage examples:

His frame spoke tiredness

(of a musical instrument or other object) make a sound when functioning.

Usage examples:

The gun spoke again

Past simple of speak

Spoke translation into English

Spoke: translate from English into Chinese

Translate spoke into Chinese (Simplified)}

Spoke: translate from English into Dutch

Translate spoke into Dutch}
Spraken, Spaak, Sport

Spoke: translate from English into French

Translate spoke into French}
Parlait, Rayon, Échelon, Prononciation

Spoke: translate from English into German

Translate spoke into German}
Gesprochen, Speiche

Spoke: translate from English into Hindi

Translate spoke into Hindi}
स्पोक, आरा, बोला, आर, सीढ़ी का डंडा, बोला गया, छड़, सीढी का डण्डा, तिल्ली, बेनी, पहिये का आरा

Spoke: translate from English into Italian

Translate spoke into Italian}
Ha parlato, Raggio, Piolo

Spoke: translate from English into Korean

Translate spoke into Korean}
살, 단목, 제동자로 바퀴를 멈추다, 살을 달다, 제륜자, 타륜의 손잡이

Spoke: translate from English into Russian

Translate spoke into Russian}
Говорил, Спица, Перекладина, Ступенька, Снабжать спицами

Spoke: translate from English into Spanish

Translate spoke into Spanish}
Habló, Rayo, Radio, Rayo de rueda

Word origin

Old English sprecan, later specan, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch spreken and German sprechen .

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