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The meaning of Scoff


Scoff – definition


Speak to someone or about something in a scornfully derisive or mocking way.

Usage examples:

Patrick professed to scoff at soppy love scenes in films

Eat (something) quickly and greedily.

Usage examples:

He can scoff a cannelloni faster than you can drink a pint

An expression of scornful derision.

Usage examples:

Scoffs of disbelief


Usage examples:

Ice cream was seen as suitable scoff to keep the under-tens quiet

To speak about someone or something in a way which shows that you have no respect for that person or thing

Usage examples:

The coach scoffed at the notion that he was about to resign.

Scoff translation into English

Scoff: translate from English into Chinese

Translate scoff into Chinese (Simplified)}
嘲笑, 嘲弄, 嘲讽, 嗤笑, 嗤, 藐视, 诮, 嘲, 谯

Scoff: translate from English into Dutch

Translate scoff into Dutch}
Spotten, Bespotten, Spot, Schimpen, Eten, Beschimping, Bespotting, Schimpscheut, Verslinden

Scoff: translate from English into French

Translate scoff into French}
Moquerie, Se moquer de, Dérision, Sarcasme, Persifler, Tourner en ridicule

Scoff: translate from English into German

Translate scoff into German}
Spotten, Höhnen, Futtern, Fressalien, Verächtliche bemerkung, Abschätzige bemerkung, Fressen, Fresserei

Scoff: translate from English into Hindi

Translate scoff into Hindi}
उपहास, हँसी, उपहास करना, व्यंग्य, हँसी उड़ाना, मज़ाक, हास्यास्पद, भोजन, ताना, विद्रूप, जगहंसाई, विडंबना, खाना, ताना मारना, लालच से भोजन करना, मज़ाक करना, हंसी

Scoff: translate from English into Italian

Translate scoff into Italian}
Deridere, Beffa, Farsi beffe, Pasto, Pappare, Cibo, Spazzolare

Scoff: translate from English into Korean

Translate scoff into Korean}
비웃다, 비웃음, ...을 비웃다, 음식, 걸신들린 듯이 먹다, 웃음거리

Scoff: translate from English into Russian

Translate scoff into Russian}
Насмехаться, Издеваться, Глумиться, Зубоскалить, Насмешка, Жратва, Жрать, Посмешище, Засмеять, Еда, Есть с жадностью

Scoff: translate from English into Spanish

Translate scoff into Spanish}
Burla, Burlarse, Mofarse de, Mofar, Zamparse, Hazmerreír, Comida

Word origin

late 18th century (as a verb): originally a variant of Scots and dialect scaff . The noun is via Afrikaans from Dutch schoft ‘quarter of a day, work shift’, (by extension) ‘meal’.

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