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The meaning of Mock


Mock – definition


Tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner.

Usage examples:

Opposition mps mocked the government's decision

Not authentic or real, but without the intention to deceive.

Usage examples:

A mock-georgian red brick house

Make a replica or imitation of something.


Mock examinations.

Usage examples:

Obtaining grade a in mocks

An object of derision.

Usage examples:

He has become the mock of all his contemporaries

Treat with contempt


To copy someone or a characteristic of someone in an amusing but unkind way that makes other people laugh, or to try to make someone or something seem foolish or ridiculous

Usage examples:

Some of the boys in the dorm loved to mock roger’s british accent., she gave a little scream in moc…

Mock translation into English

Mock: translate from English into Chinese

Translate mock into Chinese (Simplified)}
嘲笑, 嘲弄, 模仿, 讥笑, 嗤笑, 嘲, 虚假, 讥, 耻笑, 愚弄, 嗤, 讥讽, 讪笑, 讪, 寻开心, 虚设, 义

Mock: translate from English into Dutch

Translate mock into Dutch}
Bespotten, Spotten, Onecht, Schijn-, Imitatie, Vals, Zogenaamd, Nagemaakt, Bespotting, De spot drijven met, Nabootsing, Tarten, Honen, Naäpen, Voor de gek houden, Bedriegen, Uitdalen, Voorgevend, Huichelachtig, Voorwerp van spot, Naäping

Mock: translate from English into French

Translate mock into French}
Faux, Moquer, Railler, Se moquer de, Parodier, Tourner en ridicule, Imiter, Duper, Défier avec méprise

Mock: translate from English into German

Translate mock into German}
Spotten, Verspotten, Verhöhnen, Schein-, Gespielt, Höhnen, Simuliert, Nachahmen, Spötteln, Trotzen, Vereiteln, Pseudo-

Mock: translate from English into Hindi

Translate mock into Hindi}
हँसी उड़ाना, नकली, कृत्रिम, तिरस्कार, दिखावटी, झूठा, नक़ली, अनुकरण, विडंबना, मज़ाक करना, मुंह चिढ़ाना, नक़ल उतारना, उपहास करना

Mock: translate from English into Italian

Translate mock into Italian}
Deridere, Finto, Falso, Beffare, Derisione, Ironico, Scherzoso, Beffa, Imitazione, Imitare, Burlarsi, Imitato, Farsi beffa di

Mock: translate from English into Korean

Translate mock into Korean}
모조품, 속이다, 놀리다, 조롱대상, 조롱하다, 모조의, 의사..., 거짓으로

Mock: translate from English into Russian

Translate mock into Russian}
Насмехаться, Высмеивать, Издеваться, Глумиться, Ложный, Насмешка, Фиктивный, Пародийный, Мнимый, Притворный, Пародия, Подражание, Измываться, Передразнивать, Поддельный, Посмешище, Сводить на нет, Осмеивать, Пародировать, Делать бесплодным, Делать бесполезным, Осмеяние

Mock: translate from English into Spanish

Translate mock into Spanish}
Imitar, Burlarse de, Simulado, Fingido, Mofarse de, Burlesco, Mofar, Imitado, Escarnecer, Remedar, Fisgar, Ridicularizar, Triscar, Imitar algo, Frustrar, Desbaratar

Word origin

late Middle English: from Old French mocquer ‘deride’.

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