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The meaning of Saps


Saps – definition


Gradually weaken or destroy (a person's strength or power).

Usage examples:

Our energy is being sapped by bureaucrats and politicians

The fluid which circulates in the vascular system of a plant, consisting chiefly of water with dissolved sugars and mineral salts.

Usage examples:

Create a living smorgasbord that includes plants with berries, foliage, fruit, nectar, nuts, pollen…

A tunnel or trench to conceal an assailant's approach to a fortified place.


Dig a sap or saps.

Usage examples:

Having sapped up to the glacis of the city ramparts, versaillais troops entered the city

A bludgeon or club.


Hit with a bludgeon or club.

Usage examples:

It was nice to see someone else get sapped for a change

Saps translation into English

Saps: translate from English into Chinese

Translate saps into Chinese (Simplified)}
树液, 坑道, 血气, 踹, 使衰竭, 挖坑道

Saps: translate from English into Dutch

Translate saps into Dutch}
Sapjes, Sap, Ondermijnen, Ondergraven, Vocht, Levenssap, Spint, Kracht, Sul, Blokker, Onnozele hals, Plantesap, Ondermijning, Het sap onttrekken aan, Slopen, Sappe, Naderingsloopgraaf, Sappering, Karwei, Zwoeger, Groentje, Sapperen, Sappen graven, Het spint verwijderen van, Uitputten, Zwoegen, Blokken, Vossen, Het eten

Saps: translate from English into French

Translate saps into French}
Sève, Saper, Miner, Sape, Andouille, Cruche, Nigaud, Défoncer, Bêta

Saps: translate from English into German

Translate saps into German}
Säfte, Saft, Untergraben, Unterminieren, Sappe, Trottel, Schwächen, Zehren an, Lebenskraft, Aufzehren, Sappen graben

Saps: translate from English into Hindi

Translate saps into Hindi}
सैप्स, पौधों का रस, सुरंग, घोखनेवाला, पौधों का सार, शक्ति, भोजन, रटनेवाला, अहमक़, मूर्ख, निर्बल बनाना, शक्तिहीन करना, सोखना, रटना, घोखना

Saps: translate from English into Italian

Translate saps into Italian}
Linfa, Fiaccare, Minare, Vigore, Zappa, Sciocco, Essiccare, Sangue

Saps: translate from English into Korean

Translate saps into Korean}
수액, 액즙, 얼간이, 대호, 피, 짧은 방망이, 백목질, 대호를 파기, ...에서 수액을 짜내다, ...의 활력을 잃게 하다, 대호를 따라 접근하다, 대호를 따라 적진에 접근하다, ...의 밑을 파서 파괴하다, 대호를 파다, 방망이로 때리다

Saps: translate from English into Russian

Translate saps into Russian}
Истощает, Подрывать, Живица, Заболонь, Подрыв, Сок растений, Кровь, Дурак, Сапа, Подкоп, Олух, Траншея, Сушить, Лишать сока, Истощать силы, Подтачивать, Стесывать заболонь, Вести сапы, Делать подкоп, Подкапывать, Минировать, Зубрить, Корпеть, Жизненные силы, Энергия, Жизнеспособность, Крытая траншея, Зубрила, Зубрежка, Скучная работа, Простак

Saps: translate from English into Spanish

Translate saps into Spanish}
Savia, Minar, Bobo, Zapa, Memo, Zanja, Zapar, Agotar

Word origin

late 19th century (as a noun): abbreviation of sapling (from which such a club was originally made).

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