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The meaning of Rare

Rare – definition


(of an event, situation, or condition) not occurring very often.

Usage examples:

A rare genetic disorder

(of meat, especially beef) lightly cooked, so that the inside is still red.

Usage examples:

Rare roast beef

Rare translation into English

Rare: translate from English into Chinese

Translate rare into Chinese (Simplified)}
稀有的, 罕见, 稀有, 难得, 稀少, 不可多得, 稀, 罕有, 珍奇, 罕, 希, 鲜, 生僻, 珍, 冷僻, 希罕, 奇, 希奇, 僻, 瑰, 玮, 嘒, 很生, 稀播, 尟, 禕

Rare: translate from English into Dutch

Translate rare into Dutch}
Bijzonder, Zeldzaam, Schaars, Ongewoon, Rauw, Buitengewoon, Dun, Ijl, Ongemeen

Rare: translate from English into French

Translate rare into French}
Rare, Exceptionnel, Saignant, Raréfié, Cru

Rare: translate from English into German

Translate rare into German}
Selten, Rar, Blutig, Dünn, Roh, Irrsinnig, Indifferent

Rare: translate from English into Hindi

Translate rare into Hindi}
दुर्लभ, कम, असामान्य, विरल, कभी कभी, असाधारण, रेअर, कभी, अनूठा, अपूर्व, अजीब, मूल्यवान, कम से कम, बिरला, ग़ैरमामूली, विरला, क्वचित्‌, दुष्प्राप्य, यदा-कदा होनेवाला, गिना-चुना

Rare: translate from English into Italian

Translate rare into Italian}
Raro, Al sangue, Singolare, Rarefatto, Poco cotto

Rare: translate from English into Korean

Translate rare into Korean}
희귀한, 드문, 희박한, 멋진, 설 익힌 것, 설구워진, 고기 따위 설구워진

Rare: translate from English into Russian

Translate rare into Russian}
Редкий, Редкостный, Необычный, Инертный, Исключительно, Разреженный, Полусырой, Недожаренный, Необыкновенный, Превосходный, Замечательный, Негустой, Исключительно хороший, Недоваренный, Гренки с сыром

Rare: translate from English into Spanish

Translate rare into Spanish}
Extraño, Raro, Poco común, Excepcional, Nada frecuente, Casi crudo, Extraordinariamente, Maravilloso, Estupendo

Word origin

late 18th century: variant of obsolete rear ‘half-cooked’ (used to refer to soft-boiled eggs, from the mid 17th to mid 19th centuries).

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