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The meaning of Prize


Prize – definition


A thing given as a reward to the winner of a competition or in recognition of an outstanding achievement.

Usage examples:

Britain's most prestigious prize for contemporary art

An enemy ship captured during the course of naval warfare.

Usage examples:

The sloop had been taken as a prize

Having been or likely to be awarded a prize in a competition.

Usage examples:

A prize bull

Variant spelling of prise.


Use force in order to move, move apart, or open (something).

Usage examples:

I tried to prise joe's fingers away from the stick

Prize translation into English

Prize: translate from English into Chinese

Translate prize into Chinese (Simplified)}
奖, 奖金, 奖品, 彩, 撬, 荣获, 奖杯, 锦标, 宝贵, 标, 宝重

Prize: translate from English into Dutch

Translate prize into Dutch}
Prijs, Beloning, Premie, Buit, Bekroond, Waarderen, Op prijs stellen, Eersteklas, Bekronen, Hefkracht, Voordeel, Prima, Openbreken, Bekronen met een prijs, Buitenkansje

Prize: translate from English into French

Translate prize into French}
Prix, Lot, Levier, Trophée, Priser, Décerner, Attacher beaucoup de prix, Prise de navire

Prize: translate from English into German

Translate prize into German}
Preis-, Preis, Gewinn, Auszeichnung, Prämie, Schätzen, Prise, Lohn, Preisgekrönt, Würdigen, Hoch schätzen, Sieges-

Prize: translate from English into Hindi

Translate prize into Hindi}
इनाम, पुरस्कार, उपहार, पारितोषक, जयलाभ, बहुमूल्य वस्तु, युद्ध में लूटा हुआ धन, उपहार का, पारितोषक-संबंधी

Prize: translate from English into Italian

Translate prize into Italian}
Premio, Premiato, Azione, Aprire facendo leva, Leva, Apprezzare, Stimare, Da premio, Classico, Aprire, Patentato, Togliere coperchio, Perfetto, Valutare, Fare leva su

Prize: translate from English into Korean

Translate prize into Korean}
상, 상품, 포상, 목적물, 지레, 횡재, 노획물, 현상금, 포획물, 굉장한 것, 치하, 귀중한 것, 경쟁의 목적물, 경쟁 따위의 목적물, 노력 따위의 목적물, 노획자, 횡재물, 상품으로 받은, 상품으로 주어지는, 존중하다, 나포하다, 포획하다, 지레로 들어올리다, 지레로 움직이다

Prize: translate from English into Russian

Translate prize into Russian}
Приз, Призовой, Премия, Выигрыш, Награда, Трофей, Находка, Премированный, Рычаг, Желанная добыча, Взламывать посредством рычага, Достойный награды, Поднимать посредством рычага, Высоко ценить, Неожиданное счастье, Предмет вожделений, Захваченное судно, Захваченное имущество, Удостоенный награды, Удостоенный премии, Прекрасный, Оценивать

Prize: translate from English into Spanish

Translate prize into Spanish}
Premio, Premiado, Presa, Recompensa, Palanca, De primera categoría, Apalancamiento, Digno de premio, Apreciar mucho, Capturar

Word origin

late 16th century: from dialect prise ‘lever’, from Old French prise ‘grasp, taking hold’. Compare with pry2.

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