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The meaning of Plush

Plush – definition


A rich fabric of silk, cotton, wool, or a combination of these, with a long, soft nap.

Usage examples:

Plush upholstery

Expensive, comfortable, and of high quality

Usage examples:

A plush hotel room

Plush translation into English

Plush: translate from English into Chinese

Translate plush into Chinese (Simplified)}
豪华的, 长毛绒, 长毛绒裤

Plush: translate from English into Dutch

Translate plush into Dutch}
Pluche, Piekfijn

Plush: translate from English into French

Translate plush into French}
Peluche, De peluche

Plush: translate from English into German

Translate plush into German}
Plüsch-, Plüsch, Vornehm, Plüschig, Luxuriös, Elegant, Feudal

Plush: translate from English into Hindi

Translate plush into Hindi}
आलीशान, एक प्रकार का कोमल वस्र, प्‍लश, एक प्रकार का सिल्‍क, सूत आदि का कपड़ा जिसका रोंआ मखमल के रोंऍं से अधिक लंबा और मुलायम होता है, इस कपड़े से बनी हुई नीकर आदि की बिरजिस

Plush: translate from English into Italian

Translate plush into Italian}
Peluche, Felpa, Elegante

Plush: translate from English into Korean

Translate plush into Korean}
봉제, 플러시천으로 만든, 플러시천

Plush: translate from English into Russian

Translate plush into Russian}
Плюшевый, Плюш, Шикарный, Роскошный, Плисовый, Плис, Плисовые штаны

Plush: translate from English into Spanish

Translate plush into Spanish}
Felpa, Lujoso, Afelpado, Felpudo

Word origin

late 16th century: from obsolete French pluche, contraction of peluche, from Old French peluchier ‘to pluck’, based on Latin pilus ‘hair’. The sense ‘luxurious’ dates from the 1920s.

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