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The meaning of Fancy

Fancy – definition


Elaborate in structure or decoration.

Usage examples:

The furniture was very fancy

(of a drawing, painting, or sculpture) created from the imagination rather than from life.

Usage examples:

I used to take a seat and busy myself in sketching fancy vignettes

Regard (a horse, team, or player) as a likely winner.

Usage examples:

I fancy him to win the tournament

A superficial or transient feeling of liking or attraction.

Usage examples:

This was no passing fancy, but a feeling he would live by

A small iced cake.

Usage examples:

Chocolate fancies

(in 16th and 17th century music) a composition for keyboard or strings in free or variation form.

Usage examples:

Division technique...penetrated nearly all 17th century english instrumental forms, including the v…

Fancy translation into English

Fancy: translate from English into Chinese

Translate fancy into Chinese (Simplified)}
想要, 幻想, 花俏, 想象, 想像, 意, 意愿, 想望, 优等, 花式的, 花样的

Fancy: translate from English into Dutch

Translate fancy into Dutch}
Luxe, Verbeelding, Zich verbeelden, Gril, Inbeelding, Denken, Zich inbeelden, Geloven, Menen, Lusten, Bedenken, Eigenaardig, Houden van

Fancy: translate from English into French

Translate fancy into French}
Fantaisie, Imagination, Caprice, De luxe, Imaginaire, Aimer, Penser, Déguisement, Se figurer, Déguisé, Passade, De qualité supérieure, Avoir envie, Exorbitant, Compétent, S'imaginer

Fancy: translate from English into German

Translate fancy into German}
Schick, Phantasie, Fantasie, Laune, Ausgefallen, Glauben, Idee, Meinen, Kunstvoll, Sich einbilden, Phantasiebild, Raffiniert, Fein, Toll, Seltsam, Ahnung, Gepfeffert, Fantasiebild, Gespannt, Stolz, Bock haben auf, Gesalzen, Verstiegen, Von sich eingenommen sein, Sich etw für wunder halten

Fancy: translate from English into Hindi

Translate fancy into Hindi}
कल्पना, पसंद, काल्पनिक, रोचक, विचार, कल्पना करना, विचित्र, माया, भावना, तरंग, सनक, अलबेला, अनुमान करना, मनन करना, पसंद करना, कल्पना-शक्ति, मनोहर, रुचिकर, सुन्दर

Fancy: translate from English into Italian

Translate fancy into Italian}
Fantasia, Voglia, Di fantasia, Immaginazione, Capriccio, Estro, Stravagante, Immaginare, Gusto, Ghiribizzo, Fantasticare, Decorato, Grillo, Inclinazione, Fisima, Desiderare, Gradire, Avere voglia di, Desiderazione

Fancy: translate from English into Korean

Translate fancy into Korean}
팬시한, 공상, 기호, 엄청난, 변덕, 취미, 기상, 홀연히 내킨 생각, 호사가들, 반점이 있는 꽃, 장식적인, 여러 가지 색으로 된, 극상의, 변덕스러운, 고등 기술의, 곡예 기술의, 공상하다, 까닭없이 ...하다고 생각하다, 자부하다, 애호하다, 애호물로 색다른 동물 등을 기르다, 애호물로 색다른 식물 등을 기르다, 상상하다

Fancy: translate from English into Russian

Translate fancy into Russian}
Изысканный, Воображение, Причудливый, Фантазия, Модный, Маскарадный, Прихоть, Вообразить, Фантастический, Каприз, Вкус, Причуда, Воображать, Полагать, Представлять себе, Любители, Орнаментальный, Разукрашенный, Многоцветный, Прихотливый, Нравиться, Пристрастие, Склонность, Энтузиасты, Высшего качества, Предполагать, Фасонный, Мысленный образ, Конек, Болельщики, Расшитый, Любить, Быть о себе высокого мнения

Fancy: translate from English into Spanish

Translate fancy into Spanish}
Lujoso, Fantasía, Suposición, Imaginación, Capricho, Gusto, Antojo, Fantástico, Imaginarse, Afición, Creer, Quimera, Adorno, Estrafalario, Arbitraria, Presumir, Excesivo, Figurarse, Aficionarse, Encapricharse con, Suponer que, Tener un alto concepto de

Word origin

late Middle English: contraction of fantasy.

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