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The meaning of Nature

Nature – definition


The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.

Usage examples:

The breathtaking beauty of nature

The basic or inherent features, character, or qualities of something.

Usage examples:

Helping them to realize the nature of their problems

All the animals and plants in the world and all the features, forces, and processes that exist or happen independently of people, such as the weather, the sea, mountains, reproduction, and growth

Usage examples:

As a young man he loved hiking and being close to nature., this technique of growing cells copies w…

Nature translation into English

Nature: translate from English into Chinese

Translate nature into Chinese (Simplified)}
自然, 性质, 性, 本质, 大自然, 自然界, 本性, 天性, 质, 性情, 性格, 天, 意向, 脾性

Nature: translate from English into Dutch

Translate nature into Dutch}
Natuur, Aard, Karakter, Soort, Geaardheid, Inborst, Kaliber

Nature: translate from English into French

Translate nature into French}
La nature, Nature, Caractère, Naturel, Genre, Essence, Espèce, Sorte

Nature: translate from English into German

Translate nature into German}
Natur, Art, Wesen, Beschaffenheit, Wesensart, Veranlagung, Gemüt

Nature: translate from English into Hindi

Translate nature into Hindi}
प्रकृति, स्वभाव, स्वरूप, रूप, क़ुदरत, सत्व, धर्म, मिज़माज, तबीअत, तबीयत, सृष्टि, निसर्ग, कुदरत

Nature: translate from English into Italian

Translate nature into Italian}
Natura, Carattere, Ordine, Indole, Animo, Fondo, Volto, Sorta

Nature: translate from English into Korean

Translate nature into Korean}
자연, 대자연, 성, 종류, 마음씨, 자성, 충동, 실경, 수액, 기상, 성미, 천자, 크기, 인간 자연의 모습, 무명에 물들지 않은 인간 자연의 모습, 식물의 수액, 총의 크기, 탄환의 크기

Nature: translate from English into Russian

Translate nature into Russian}
Природа, Характер, Сущность, Натура, Естество, Тип, Нрав, Род, Организм, Сорт, Природное состояние, Первобытное состояние, Класс, Основное свойство

Nature: translate from English into Spanish

Translate nature into Spanish}
Naturaleza, Carácter, Natural, Índole, Clase, Esencia, Género, Genio, Modo de ser, Temperamento

Word origin

Middle English (denoting the physical power of a person): from Old French, from Latin natura ‘birth, nature, quality’, from nat- ‘born’, from the verb nasci .

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