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The meaning of Variety

Variety – definition


The quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity or monotony.

Usage examples:

It's the variety that makes my job so enjoyable

A taxonomic category that ranks below subspecies (where present) or species, its members differing from others of the same subspecies or species in minor but permanent or heritable characteristics. varieties are more often recognized in botany, in which they are designated in the style apium graveolens var. dulce.

Usage examples:

Viola is represented by 25 species, two additional subspecies, and five varieties.

The characteristic of frequently changing, or of including many different types or things

Usage examples:

The markets offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables., you can get magazines there that have …

One particular type of a thing

Usage examples:

We need to create new varieties of drought-resistant coffee., we select apple varieties with a long…

Variety translation into English

Variety: translate from English into Chinese

Translate variety into Chinese (Simplified)}
种类, 品种, 变种, 彩, 名堂

Variety: translate from English into Dutch

Translate variety into Dutch}
Verscheidenheid, Variëteit, Aantal, Afwisseling, Soort, Verandering

Variety: translate from English into French

Translate variety into French}
Variété, Variétés, Diversité, Spectacle de music-hall

Variety: translate from English into German

Translate variety into German}
Vielfalt, Auswahl, Sorte, Abwechslung, Varietät, Art, Vielfältigkeit, Verschiedenheit, Abart, Verschiedenartigkeit, Variete, Züchtung, Reichhaltigkeit, Modell, Zucht

Variety: translate from English into Hindi

Translate variety into Hindi}
विविधता, प्रकार, बहुमुखीयता, बहुरूपता, भांति, क़िस्म

Variety: translate from English into Italian

Translate variety into Italian}
Varietà, Specie

Variety: translate from English into Korean

Translate variety into Korean}
다양성, 종류, 변화, 모은 것, 버라이어티 연예, 버라이어티의

Variety: translate from English into Russian

Translate variety into Russian}
Разнообразие, Множество, Ряд, Сорт, Варьете, Разновидность, Вид, Эстрада, Разнообразность, Многосторонность, Эстрадный концерт, Эстрадное представление

Variety: translate from English into Spanish

Translate variety into Spanish}
Variedad, Diversidad, Surtido

Word origin

late 15th century: from French variété or Latin varietas, from varius (see various).

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