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The meaning of Name


Name – definition


A word or set of words by which a person or thing is known, addressed, or referred to.

Usage examples:

My name is john parsons

(in the uk) an insurance underwriter belonging to a lloyd's syndicate.


Specify (a sum, time, or place) as something desired, suggested, or decided on.

Usage examples:

The club have asked united to name their price for the striker

(of a person or product) having a well-known name.

Usage examples:

Specialized name brands geared to niche markets

Name translation into English

Name: translate from English into Chinese

Translate name into Chinese (Simplified)}
姓名, 名称, 命名, 名, 名字, 名义, 称, 姓, 称号, 号, 指名, 定名, 指派, 谥, 谓, 曰, 称说, 起名儿

Name: translate from English into Dutch

Translate name into Dutch}
Naam, Noemen, Benoemen, Benaming, Voornaam, Heten, Naamwoord, Dopen, Tot de orde roepen

Name: translate from English into French

Translate name into French}
Nom, Nommer, Citer, Désigner, Appeler, Prénom, Réputation, Renom, Dénommer

Name: translate from English into German

Translate name into German}
Name, Nennen, Benennen, Benennung, Angeben, Ruf, Heißen, Einen namen geben, Taufen, Renommee, Ernennen, Anführen, Leumund

Name: translate from English into Hindi

Translate name into Hindi}
नाम, उपनाम, शीर्षक, नाम देना, संज्ञा, प्रतिष्ठा, कुल, कहकर पुकारना, नियुक्त करना, उल्लेख करना, कहना, नाम लेकर पुकारना, नाम रखना, ख्याति

Name: translate from English into Italian

Translate name into Italian}
Nome, Nominare, Denominare, Chiamare, Denominazione, Firma, Reputazione, Designare, Dare un nome a, Fissare

Name: translate from English into Korean

Translate name into Korean}
이름, 명의, 유명한, 명사, 평판, 유명한 사람, 씨족, 험담, 붙이다, 이름을 기입하기 위한, 명명하다, 지명해서 부르다, ...의 이름을 말하다, ...의 올바른 이름을 말하다, 지정하여 말하다, 지정하다

Name: translate from English into Russian

Translate name into Russian}
Имя, Назвать, Название, Наименование, Называть, Фамилия, Обозначение, Репутация, Род, Личность, Указывать, Имя существительное, Брань, Назначать, Упоминать, Поименовать, Выдающийся человек, Великий человек, Пустой звук, Давать имя, Нарекать, Перечислять поименно, Обращаться по имени, Призывать к порядку, Приводить в качестве примера

Name: translate from English into Spanish

Translate name into Spanish}
Nombre, Nombrar, Mencionar, Título, Designación, Reputación, Llamar, Apodo, Denominar, Designar, Bautizar, Apellidar, Poner nombre a, Mentar, Fijar, Señalar a

Word origin

Old English nama, noma (noun), (ge)namian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch naam and German Name, from a root shared by Latin nomen and Greek onoma .

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