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The meaning of Mantle

Mantle – definition


A loose sleeveless cloak or shawl, worn especially by women.

Usage examples:

She was wrapped tightly in her mantle

An important role or responsibility that passes from one person to another.

Usage examples:

The second son has now assumed his father's mantle

A fragile mesh cover fixed round a gas jet, kerosene wick, etc., to give an incandescent light when heated.

Usage examples:

Even so, it took another 20 years or so before electric lights had largely replaced gas mantles in …

The region of the earth's interior between the crust and the core, believed to consist of hot, dense silicate rocks (mainly peridotite).

Usage examples:

Magmas erupted at mid-ocean ridges are derived from the upper mantle

Cloak or envelop.

Usage examples:

Heavy mists mantled the forested slopes

(of a bird of prey on the ground or on a perch) spread the wings and tail so as to cover captured prey.

Usage examples:

The female goshawk is feeding while mantling with spread wings over her prey

Variant spelling of mantel.


A mantelpiece or mantelshelf.


A covering, or a layer of something that covers a surface

Usage examples:

They escaped under the mantle of darkness., he inherited the mantle of leadership at the transit au…

Mantle translation into English

Mantle: translate from English into Chinese

Translate mantle into Chinese (Simplified)}
地幔, 披风, 覆盖, 斗篷, 覆罩之物

Mantle: translate from English into Dutch

Translate mantle into Dutch}
Mantel, Gloeikousje, Dekmantel, Bedekken, Bemantelen, Ommantelen, Verbergen, Rood worden, Blozen, Naar de wangen stijgen, Schuimen

Mantle: translate from English into French

Translate mantle into French}
Manteau, Manchon, Cape, Pèlerine, Couvrir, Rougir, Rougir de honte, Être honte

Mantle: translate from English into German

Translate mantle into German}
Mantel, Umhang, Glühstrumpf, Deckmantel, Kleid, Strumpf, Schneedecke

Mantle: translate from English into Hindi

Translate mantle into Hindi}
आच्छादन, पोशिश, आवरण, मुखावरण, लबादा, परदा, नक़ाब, लपेटना, लपेट देना, आच्छादित करना, ढंकना, झाग उठना, फेन आना, चोग़ा, चेहरे पर लाली दौड़ जाना, छिपाना, ओढना, ढकना

Mantle: translate from English into Italian

Translate mantle into Italian}
Mantello, Manto, Cappa, Mantella, Ammantarsi, Ammantare

Mantle: translate from English into Korean

Translate mantle into Korean}
맨틀, 망토, 덮개, 벽난로 선반, 액체에 더껑이가 앉다, 더껑이가 앉다, 망토로 싸다, 벽난로의 앞장식

Mantle: translate from English into Russian

Translate mantle into Russian}
Мантия, Покров, Кожух, Калильная сетка, Накидка, Приливать к щекам, Краснеть, Окутывать, Покрывать, Покрываться накипью, Покрываться пеной, Укрывать, Расправлять крылья, Покрышка

Mantle: translate from English into Spanish

Translate mantle into Spanish}
Manto, Manguito incandescente, Cubrir, Envolver

Word origin

mid 16th century: specialized use of mantle1.

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