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The meaning of Function

Function – definition


An activity that is natural to or the purpose of a person or thing.

Usage examples:

Bridges perform the function of providing access across water

A relation or expression involving one or more variables.

Usage examples:

The function (bx + c)

A thing dependent on another factor or factors.

Usage examples:

Class shame is a function of social power

Work or operate in a proper or particular way.

Usage examples:

Her liver is functioning normally

A purpose or duty, or the way something or someone works

Usage examples:

[ u ] the function of the veins is to carry blood to the heart., [ c ] one of your functions as rec…

The purpose that something has

Usage examples:

The perfect marriage between product design and function account for the company’s success in the c…

Function translation into English

Function: translate from English into Chinese

Translate function into Chinese (Simplified)}
功能, 函数, 作用, 机能, 性能, 功用, 官能, 活动, 意向, 行使职责

Function: translate from English into Dutch

Translate function into Dutch}
Functie, Werken, Fungeren, Werking, Ambt, Bediening, Plechtigheid

Function: translate from English into French

Translate function into French}
Fonction, Fonctionner, Réception, Marcher, Servir de, Cérémonie publique

Function: translate from English into German

Translate function into German}
Funktion, Funktionieren, Fungieren, Arbeiten, Aufgabe, Zweck, Veranstaltung, Amt, Pflicht, Gesellschaft

Function: translate from English into Hindi

Translate function into Hindi}
समारोह, कार्य, काम, उत्सव, कृत्य

Function: translate from English into Italian

Translate function into Italian}
Funzione, Funzionare, Mansione, Ufficio, Ministero

Function: translate from English into Korean

Translate function into Korean}
기능, 직능, 제구실, 의식, 상관, 상관관계, 펑크션

Function: translate from English into Russian

Translate function into Russian}
Функция, Функционировать, Работать, Действовать, Назначение, Должность, Прием, Выполнять функции, Должностные обязанности, Торжество, Торжественное собрание, Вечер, Отправление

Function: translate from English into Spanish

Translate function into Spanish}
Función, Funcionar, Oficio, Pasar, Andar

Word origin

mid 16th century: from French fonction, from Latin functio(n- ), from fungi ‘perform’.

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