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The meaning of Loosed


Loosed – definition


Fire (a bullet, arrow, etc.).

Usage examples:

He loosed off a shot at the vehicle

Not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached.

Usage examples:

A loose tooth

(of a garment) not fitting tightly or closely.

Usage examples:

She slipped into a loose t-shirt

Not close, compact, or solid in structure or formation.

Usage examples:

The fabric's loose weave

Not strict or exact.

Usage examples:

A loose interpretation

Engaging in casual sexual encounters or relationships.

Usage examples:

She ran the risk of being called a loose woman

Loose play.

Usage examples:

He was in powerful form in the loose

Past simple and past participle of loose

Usage examples:

The coach loosed an angry tirade against his team., he loosed his frustration in a torrent of abuse…

Loosed translation into English

Loosed: translate from English into Chinese

Translate loosed into Chinese (Simplified)}
松动, 松, 疏松, 活络, 放任, 放枪, 丟

Loosed: translate from English into Dutch

Translate loosed into Dutch}
Losgemaakt, Losgemaakt, Losmaken, Losmaken, Loslaten, Loslaten, Losgooien, Losgooien, Afschieten, Afschieten

Loosed: translate from English into French

Translate loosed into French}
Lâché, Détacher, Relâcher, Dénouer, Tirer, Branler, Mettre en liberté

Loosed: translate from English into German

Translate loosed into German}
Gelöst, Lockern, Befreien, Wackeln, Losmachen

Loosed: translate from English into Hindi

Translate loosed into Hindi}
छूट गई

Loosed: translate from English into Italian

Translate loosed into Italian}
Sciolto, Slacciare, Sciogliere, Liberare, Slegare

Loosed: translate from English into Korean

Translate loosed into Korean}
느슨한, 쏘다, 늦다, 매듭 따위를 풀다, 풀어주다, 화살을 쏘다, 총을 쏘다, 헐렁하다

Loosed: translate from English into Russian

Translate loosed into Russian}
Освобожденный, Развязывать, Освобождать, Отвязывать, Ослаблять, Распускать, Выстрелить, Давать волю, Отпускать грехи, Открывать, Делать просторнее

Loosed: translate from English into Spanish

Translate loosed into Spanish}
Suelto, Soltar, Desatar, Aflojar, Liberar, Desencadenar, Querer a soltar, Desear a soltar, Ir a soltar, Liberar de prisión, Dar comienzo a soltar, Liberar de cadenas, Hacer sin cadenas, Dar inicio a soltar, Hacer libre

Word origin

Middle English loos ‘free from bonds’, from Old Norse lauss, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German los .

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