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The meaning of Keeper

Keeper – definition


A person who manages or looks after something or someone.

Usage examples:

I'm your friend, not your keeper

Short for goalkeeper or wicketkeeper.


A fish large enough to be kept when caught.

Usage examples:

These lakes consistently give up healthy, pound-size keepers

A plain ring worn to preserve a hole in a pierced ear lobe; a sleeper.

Usage examples:

Occasionally, the patient may require a place keeper for the pierced location.

A food or drink that remains in a specified condition if stored.

Usage examples:

Hazelnuts are good keepers

A play in which the quarterback receives the ball from the centre and runs with it.


Someone responsible for guarding or taking care of a person, animal, or thing

Usage examples:

An animal keeper, each of the contest judges was assigned a keeper.

A person who takes care of animals, buildings, etc. or is in charge of valuable objects or information

Usage examples:

He is the organization's official record keeper., an assistant keeper at the museum, i've tried man…

Keeper translation into English

Keeper: translate from English into Chinese

Translate keeper into Chinese (Simplified)}
门将, 管理人, 保管人

Keeper: translate from English into Dutch

Translate keeper into Dutch}
Keeper, Bewaarder, Houder, Oppasser, Opzichter, Cipier

Keeper: translate from English into French

Translate keeper into French}
Gardien, Conservateur, Surveillant, Geôlier, Garde-chasse

Keeper: translate from English into German

Translate keeper into German}
Wächter, Hüter, Wärter, Pfleger, Aufseher, Betreuer, Züchter, Aufpasser, Kustos, Konservator

Keeper: translate from English into Hindi

Translate keeper into Hindi}
रखने वाले, कीपर, रक्षक, रखवाला, रखनेवाला, रक्षा करनेवाला, देखरेख करने वाला, चलाने वाला, देख-भाल करनेवाला

Keeper: translate from English into Italian

Translate keeper into Italian}
Custode, Guardiano, Conservatore, Guardiacaccia, Infermiere

Keeper: translate from English into Korean

Translate keeper into Korean}
관리인, 지키는 사람, 과일, 야채, 저장할 수 있는 야채, 저장할 수 있는 과일, 수비자, 보조반지, 특히 결혼 반지가 빠지지 않게 하는 보조반지

Keeper: translate from English into Russian

Translate keeper into Russian}
Хранитель, Вратарь, Сторож, Смотритель, Держатель, Владелец, Блюститель, Санитар, Содержатель, Содержательница, Хорошо сохраняющийся продукт, Контргайка, Якорь магнита, Предприниматель, Кольцо, надетое сверх другого, Игрок, охраняющий ворота, Лесник, охраняющий заповедник

Keeper: translate from English into Spanish

Translate keeper into Spanish}
Guardián, Guarda, Cuidador, Conservador, Guardador, Vigilante, Guardabosque, Cerradero, Archivero, Cuidadero

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