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The meaning of Attendant

Attendant – definition


A person employed to provide a service to the public in a particular place.

Usage examples:

A cloakroom attendant

A person who is present on a particular occasion.

Usage examples:

He had become a regular attendant at chapel

Occurring with or as a result of.

Usage examples:

The sea and its attendant attractions

(of a person) accompanying another as a companion or assistant.

Usage examples:

A child in a pram with attendant nursemaid

Someone whose job is to help others in a particular place or situation

Usage examples:

A gas station/parking lot attendant

Attendant translation into English

Attendant: translate from English into Chinese

Translate attendant into Chinese (Simplified)}
服务员, 跟班, 侍者, 随员, 注意的, 出席者

Attendant: translate from English into Dutch

Translate attendant into Dutch}
Bediende, Begeleider, Begeleidend, Steward, Oppasser, Volgeling, Bezoeker

Attendant: translate from English into French

Translate attendant into French}
Préposé, Gardien, Serviteur, Domestique, Accompagnant, Qui accompagne, Au service, Garçon de salle, Médecin de famille

Attendant: translate from English into German

Translate attendant into German}
Begleiter, Wärter, Aufseher, Wächter, Begleitend, Krankenpfleger, Schaffner

Attendant: translate from English into Hindi

Translate attendant into Hindi}
परिचारक, परिचर, सेवक, सहायक, साथी, अनुचर, भृत्य, चाकर, नौकर, मुलाज़िम

Attendant: translate from English into Italian

Translate attendant into Italian}
Assistente, Guardiano, Inserviente, Custode, Compagno, Cameriere, Concomitante, Presente, Che accompagna, Dipendente, Servente, Al servizio di

Attendant: translate from English into Korean

Translate attendant into Korean}
참석자, 배신, 시중드는 사람, 따라다니는, 출석한

Attendant: translate from English into Russian

Translate attendant into Russian}
Дежурный, Служитель, Сопутствующий, Сопровождающий, Слуга, Обслуживающий, Сопровождающее лицо, Спутник, Обслуживающее лицо, Провожатый, Присутствующий, Присутствующее лицо

Attendant: translate from English into Spanish

Translate attendant into Spanish}
Asistente, Encargado, Acompañante, Concomitante, Sirviente, Secuela, Acomodador

Word origin

late Middle English (as an adjective): from Old French, from atendre ‘give one's attention to’ (see attend).

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