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The meaning of Gulf

Gulf – definition


A deep inlet of the sea almost surrounded by land, with a narrow mouth.

Usage examples:

The land companies began to dredge canals through the marshlands, opening easy access from the sett…

A deep ravine, chasm, or abyss.

Usage examples:

The canyons - or gulfs, as the local people call them - are each about five miles long and 800 feet…

A large difference or division between two people or groups, or between viewpoints, concepts, or situatios.

Usage examples:

The widening gulf between the rich and the poor

An area of sea surrounded on three sides by land

Usage examples:

The gulf of mexico/the gulf coast, the gulf stream, there is a widening gulf between the rich and t…

Gulf translation into English

Gulf: translate from English into Chinese

Translate gulf into Chinese (Simplified)}
海湾, 湾, 隔阂

Gulf: translate from English into Dutch

Translate gulf into Dutch}
Golf, Kloof, Afgrond, Zeeboezem, Bocht, Inham, Boezem, Zeegolf, Golfspel

Gulf: translate from English into French

Translate gulf into French}
Golfe, Fossé, Gouffre, Abîme, Inonder, Submerger

Gulf: translate from English into German

Translate gulf into German}
Golf, Kluft, Bucht, Meerbusen, Zwiespalt

Gulf: translate from English into Hindi

Translate gulf into Hindi}
खाड़ी, खाई, चौड़ा फ़ासला, गड्ढा, आखात, उपसागर

Gulf: translate from English into Italian

Translate gulf into Italian}
Golfo, Abisso, Vortice

Gulf: translate from English into Korean

Translate gulf into Korean}
만, 심연, 소용돌이, 보통 급제

Gulf: translate from English into Russian

Translate gulf into Russian}
Залив, Пропасть, Бездна, Пучина, Морской залив, Водоворот, Всасывать в водоворот, Диплом без отличия, Большая залежь руды, Поглощать в водоворот, Присуждать диплом без отличия

Gulf: translate from English into Spanish

Translate gulf into Spanish}
Golfo, Abismo, Sima, Seno, Paso, Pasar de

Word origin

late Middle English: from Old French golfe, from Italian golfo, based on Greek kolpos ‘bosom, gulf’.

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