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Film – definition


A thin flexible strip of plastic or other material coated with light-sensitive emulsion for exposure in a camera, used to produce photographs or motion pictures.

Usage examples:

He had already shot a whole roll of film

A story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a cinema or on television.

Usage examples:

A horror film

Capture on film as part of a series of moving images; make a film of (a story, event, or book).

Usage examples:

She glowered at the television crew who were filming them

Become or appear to become covered with a thin layer of something.

Usage examples:

His eyes had filmed over

To make pictures of something in making a movie, or to make a movie

Usage examples:

[ t ] her last movie was filmed in spain., a roll of film, i didn’t get my film developed yet., a f…

Film translation into English

Film: translate from English into Chinese

Translate film into Chinese (Simplified)}
电影, 薄膜, 胶片, 影片, 片, 胶卷, 影

Film: translate from English into Dutch

Translate film into Dutch}
Film, Filmen, Vlies, Waas, Vliesje, Verfilmen, Rolprent, Mistsluier, Met een vlies bedekken

Film: translate from English into French

Translate film into French}
Film, Tourner, Pellicule, Couche, Voile, Pellicule de plastique, Faire un film, Scellofrais, Se voiler

Film: translate from English into German

Translate film into German}
Film, Filmen, Folie, Drehen, Schicht, Streifen, Überzug, Dünne schicht, Belag, Verfilmen, Häutchen, Schleier, Überziehen, Aufnehmen, Gewebe

Film: translate from English into Hindi

Translate film into Hindi}
पतली परत, फ़िल्म, चलचित्र, झिल्ली, चलती तस्वीर, परदा, झिल्ली से ढांकना, फ़िल्म

Film: translate from English into Italian

Translate film into Italian}
Film, Filmare, Pellicola, Velo, Membrana, Patina

Film: translate from English into Korean

Translate film into Korean}
영화, 필름, 피막, 엷은 껍질, 엷은 막, 가는 실, 침침함, 엷은 껍질로 덮다, 필름에 찍다, 필름에 담다, 촬영하다, 엷은 껍질로 덮이다, 영화를 제작하다

Film: translate from English into Russian

Translate film into Russian}
Фильм, Кино, Кино-, Пленка, Экранизировать, Кинофильм, Фотопленка, Кинопленка, Тонкий слой, Оболочка, Снимать фильм, Перепонка, Дымка, Сниматься в кино, Фотослой, Плева, Застилаться дымкой, Легкий слой, Тонкая нить, Производить киносъемку, Покрывать пленкой, Покрывать оболочкой, Покрываться пленкой, Покрываться оболочкой

Film: translate from English into Spanish

Translate film into Spanish}
Película, Filmar, Rodar, Film, Filme, Cinta, Cinematográfico, Capa, Velo, Nube, Fotografiar, Hacer una película de, Cinematografiar

Word origin

Old English filmen ‘membrane’, of West Germanic origin; related to fell5.

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