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The meaning of Deal


Deal – definition


Distribute (cards) in an orderly rotation to players for a game or round.

Usage examples:

The cards were dealt for the last hand

Take part in commercial trading of a particular commodity.

Usage examples:

Directors were prohibited from dealing in the company's shares

Take measures concerning (someone or something), especially with the intention of putting something right.

Usage examples:

They seem incapable of dealing with the problem

Inflict (a blow) on (someone or something).

Usage examples:

Hopes of an economic recovery were dealt another blow

An agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, especially in a business or political context.

Usage examples:

The government was ready to do a deal with the opposition

The process of distributing the cards to players in a card game.

Usage examples:

After the deal, players a and b stay out

Fir or pine wood as a building material.

Usage examples:

Softwoods such as deal were more usually painted over

Be in charge of, act on, or dispose of


An agreement or an arrangement, especially in business

Usage examples:

A business deal, the unions and management have made a two-year pay and productivity deal., i'll ma…

A large amount

Usage examples:

She spends a good deal of her time in china.

The act of dealing (= sharing out) something, especially playing cards

Usage examples:

It's your deal (= turn to deal).

The pale, soft wood of a pine or fir tree (= types of tree that do not lose their leaves), used for making furniture, etc.

Usage examples:

The book cases were made of deal., a deal table

To do business

Usage examples:

We only deal with companies which have a good credit record., slang how long had she been dealing (…

To give or share out something, especially playing cards

Usage examples:

Whose turn is it to deal?, would you like to deal (out) the cards?, [ + two objects ] deal them fiv…

To cause someone or something, usually a plan or hope, to fail or to be affected very badly

Usage examples:

The latest trade figures have dealt a severe blow to hopes of an early economic recovery.

Deal translation into English

Deal: translate from English into Chinese

Translate deal into Chinese (Simplified)}
交易, 合同, 合约, 交, 份量, 经销, 发放, 发给, 发牌

Deal: translate from English into Dutch

Translate deal into Dutch}
Overeenkomst, Uitdelen, Handelen, Transactie, Hoeveelheid, Koop, Grenen, Geven, Vuren, Vurenhouten, Toebrengen, Bedelen, Rondgeven, Grenehout, Het geven

Deal: translate from English into French

Translate deal into French}
Accord, Traiter, Affaire, Transaction, Contrat, Examiner, Opération, Quantité, Agir, Donner, Distribuer, Commercer, Se comporter, Frapper, Planche, Agir bien, Être dans le commerce, Programme, Être dans l'affaire

Deal: translate from English into German

Translate deal into German}
Handeln, Deal, Abkommen, Geschäft, Menge, Teil, Behandlung, Geben, Austeilen, Sich beschäftigen, Ausgeben

Deal: translate from English into Hindi

Translate deal into Hindi}
सौदा, समझौता, व्यवहार, मात्रा, परिमाण, सरोकार, सलूक, तादाद, व्यापार करना, बांटना, मिक़दार, ठान, बांट देना, तक़सीम करना, विभाजन करना, पहुंचाना, पहुंचा देना, तिजारत करना, बेचना, विक्रय करना, संख्या, लेन-देन, क्रय-विक्रय, लेन-देन करना, व् यापार करना, क्रय-विक्रय करना, बरतना, व्यवहार करना

Deal: translate from English into Italian

Translate deal into Italian}
Affare, Trattare, Accordo, Quantità, Trattamento, Trattativa, Distribuzione, Assestare, Mano, Commerciare, Fare affari, Trafficare, Servire, Fornire, Dare le carte, Mercanteggiare, Procedere

Deal: translate from English into Korean

Translate deal into Korean}
거래, 분량, 정책, 나누어 주다, 전나무 널빤지, 소나무 널빤지, 가하다, 죽이다, 카드패를 도르기, 불법적으로 사다, 불법적으로 팔다, 행동하다, 거래하다, ...와 관계하다, 카드패를 도르다, 전나무 재목의, 소나무 재목의

Deal: translate from English into Russian

Translate deal into Russian}
Иметь дело, Сделка, Дело, Соглашение, Бороться, Общаться, Часть, Поступать, Раздавать, Торговать, Наносить, Сосновый, Обходиться, Обращение, Еловый, Обхождение, Хвойная древесина, Большое количество, Сдавать карты, Сдача карт, Правительственный курс, Вести торговые дела, Принимать меры, Некоторое количество, Выдавать, Причинять, Быть клиентом, Покупать в определенной лавке, Вести дело, Ведать, Рассматривать вопрос, Из древесины мягких пород, Система мероприятий, Распределять

Deal: translate from English into Spanish

Translate deal into Spanish}
Acuerdo, Trato, Reparto, Cantidad, Negocio, Parte, Pacto, Transacción, Convenio, Negociar, Mano, Repartir, Dar, Comerciar, Traficar, Cerrar un trato, Asestar, Pacto secreto, Madera de pino, Comprar y vender, Tablón viga, Cesar un trato, Ser mano, Descargar, Tener la cantidad de algo

Word origin

Middle English: from Middle Low German and Middle Dutch dele ‘plank’.

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