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The meaning of Peddle

Peddle – definition


Try to sell (something, especially small goods) by going from place to place.

Usage examples:

He peddled printing materials around the country

To sell things, esp. by taking them to different places

Usage examples:

Mrs. cawthorn peddled vegetables out of the back of a pickup truck to earn a living.

To try to sell things, especially on the street, by phone, etc.

Usage examples:

A number of suspect technology stocks are being peddled by fringe brokers in london financial circl…

Peddle translation into English

Peddle: translate from English into Chinese

Translate peddle into Chinese (Simplified)}
兜售, 贩, 叫卖, 贩卖

Peddle: translate from English into Dutch

Translate peddle into Dutch}
Venten, Leuren, Rondstrooien, Uitventen, Rondvertellen, Prutsen, Beuzelen, Knoeien, Colporteren, In de mars lopen, Rondventen

Peddle: translate from English into French

Translate peddle into French}
Colporter, Répandre, Propager, Faire le trafic, Faire du colportage

Peddle: translate from English into German

Translate peddle into German}
Hausieren, Feilbieten, Verkaufen, Verbreiten, Kolportieren

Peddle: translate from English into Hindi

Translate peddle into Hindi}
बेचो, तंग करना, अधिक प्रार्थना करना, फुटकर बेचना, छोटी बातों में लगना, गप मारना, गपशप करना, गलियों आदि मे फेरी लगा कर और आवाज लगा कर सौदा बेंचना, छोटी-छोटी बातों में समय नष्‍ट करना, फेरी लगाना

Peddle: translate from English into Italian

Translate peddle into Italian}
Spacciare, Vendere al minuto, Fare venditore ambulante

Peddle: translate from English into Korean

Translate peddle into Korean}
조금씩 잘라 팔다, 행상하다

Peddle: translate from English into Russian

Translate peddle into Russian}
Торговать вразнос, Размениваться на мелочи, Заниматься мелочами, Поддерживать, Проповедовать, Заниматься пустяками, Продавать нелегально, Торговать мелким товаром

Peddle: translate from English into Spanish

Translate peddle into Spanish}
Difundir, Divulgar, Andar vendiendo, Contar, Vender como buhonero, Vender por las casas, Repetir, Vender de puerta en puerta

Word origin

early 16th century: back-formation from pedlar.

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