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Cants – definition


Talk hypocritically and sanctimoniously about something.

Usage examples:

If they'd stop canting about ‘honest work’ they might get somewhere

Have or cause to have a slanting or oblique position; tilt.

Usage examples:

He canted his head to look at the screen

A slope or tilt.

Usage examples:

The outward cant of the curving walls

A wedge-shaped block of wood, especially one remaining after the better-quality pieces have been cut off.

Usage examples:

A squared-off cant remains, containing the knottiest wood

Hypocritical and sanctimonious talk, typically of a moral, religious, or political nature.

Usage examples:

He had no time for the cant of the priests about sin

Language specific to a particular group or profession and regarded with disparagement.

Usage examples:

Thieves' cant

Cants translation into English

Cants: translate from English into Chinese

Translate cants into Chinese (Simplified)}
斜面, 倾斜, 行话, 隐语, 角落, 黑话, 讲黑

Cants: translate from English into Dutch

Translate cants into Dutch}
Verkanting, Kantelen, Bargoens, Huichelen, Huicheltaal spreken, Op zijn kant zetten, Afkanten, Preektoon, Hoogdravende onzin, Schuine kant

Cants: translate from English into French

Translate cants into French}
Cants, Pente, Jargon, Paroles creuses, Clichés, Paroles hypocrites, Parler avec hypocrisie, Parler avec affectation, Argot de métier, Pencher, Déclivité, Surface oblique, Secousse, Cahot, S'incliner, Retourner d'un coup sec

Cants: translate from English into German

Translate cants into German}
Neigungen, Kippen, Kanten, Heuchelei, Schräge, Jargon, Kauderwelsch, Rotwelsch, Leeres gerede, Schräg stellen, Schräg sein, Schief sein, Sich neigen

Cants: translate from English into Hindi

Translate cants into Hindi}
छावनी, खिचड़ी भाषा, कठबोली, खिचड़ी भाषा में बोलाना, भीख मंगना, भिक्षा मंगना, पाखंडी होना

Cants: translate from English into Italian

Translate cants into Italian}
Cants, Gergo, Ipocrisia, Inclinazione, Angolo esterno, Parlare in gergo, Inclinarsi, Curvarsi

Cants: translate from English into Korean

Translate cants into Korean}
캔트, 서로 통하는 말, 경사면, 한번 밀기, 한번 찌르기, 비스듬히 밀다, 비스듬히 찌르다, 기울다, 뒤집다, 위선적인 말투, 점잔빼는 말투를 쓰다, 은어를 쓰다, 기울이다, 모서리를 자르다, 방향을 바꾸다

Cants: translate from English into Russian

Translate cants into Russian}
Косяки, Брус, Косяк, Ханжество, Жаргон, Наклонное положение, Лицемерие, Наклон, Срезанный край, Арго, Кантовать, Сплетничать, Скошенный край, Удар, Отклонение от прямой, Толчок, Обтесанное бревно, Тайный язык, Воровской жаргон, Плаксивый тон, Скашивать, Наклонять, Ставить под углом, Опрокидываться, Перевертываться, Опрокидывать, Перевертывать, Употреблять жаргон, Ругать, Говорить нараспев, Клянчить, Попрошайничать, Быть ханжой, Лицемерить, Клеветать

Cants: translate from English into Spanish

Translate cants into Spanish}
Cantos, Jerga, Sesgo, Bisel, Inclinar sobre, Camandulear

Word origin

Middle English (denoting an edge or brink): from Middle Low German kant, kante, Middle Dutch cant ‘point, side, edge’, based on a Romance word related to medieval Latin cantus ‘corner, side’.

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