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The meaning of Appoint

Appoint – definition


Assign a job or role to (someone).

Usage examples:

She has been appointed to the board

Determine or decide on (a time or a place).

Usage examples:

They appointed a day in may for the meeting

Decide the disposition of (property of which one is not the owner) under powers granted by the owner.

Usage examples:

Trustees appoint the capital to the beneficiaries

Appoint translation into English

Appoint: translate from English into Chinese

Translate appoint into Chinese (Simplified)}
委, 任命, 委任, 指定, 指派, 委派, 派, 任用, 任, 约定, 选派, 引用

Appoint: translate from English into Dutch

Translate appoint into Dutch}
Aanstellen, Benoemen, Bepalen, Vaststellen, Bestemmen, Inrichten, Voorschrijven, Beschikken over, Uitrusten, Bescheiden, Bestellen

Appoint: translate from English into French

Translate appoint into French}
Nommer, Fixer, Mandater, Commettre, Arranger

Appoint: translate from English into German

Translate appoint into German}
Ernennen, Bestellen, Berufen, Bestimmen, Beauftragen, Einsetzen, Einstellen, Festlegen, Verabreden

Appoint: translate from English into Hindi

Translate appoint into Hindi}
नियुक्त करना, नियत करना, निश्चित करना

Appoint: translate from English into Italian

Translate appoint into Italian}
Nominare, Designare, Eleggere, Stabilire, Fissare, Ordinare, Prescrivere, Destinare

Appoint: translate from English into Korean

Translate appoint into Korean}
정하다, 세우다, 앉히다, 지명하다, 임명하다, 명하다, 귀속을 정하다, 비품을 갖추다, 설비를 갖추다, 지명권을 행사하다, 임명권을 행사하다

Appoint: translate from English into Russian

Translate appoint into Russian}
Назначать, Определять, Утверждать, Предписывать, Устраивать, Договариваться, Предназначать, Оборудовать, Снаряжать

Appoint: translate from English into Spanish

Translate appoint into Spanish}
Nombrar, Designar, Equipar, Aparejar, Amueblar

Word origin

late Middle English: from Old French apointer, from a point ‘to a point’.

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