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The meaning of Affect

Affect – definition


Pretend to have or feel (something).

Usage examples:

As usual i affected a supreme unconcern

Emotion or desire as influencing behaviour.

Usage examples:

By triggering affect and emotion, intolerant behaviors are set in motion.

To have an influence on someone or something

Usage examples:

The disease only affects cattle., i was deeply affected by the film., since joining the band he’s a…

Affect translation into English

Affect: translate from English into Chinese

Translate affect into Chinese (Simplified)}
影响, 作用, 关系, 牵动, 波及, 侵袭, 感动, 感, 作, 感到, 作假, 作态

Affect: translate from English into Dutch

Translate affect into Dutch}
Beïnvloeden, Affect, Invloed hebben op, Aantasten, Raken, Betreffen, Aangaan, Invloed uitoefenen op, Inwerken, Aanbelangen, Roeren, Aandoen, Voorwenden, Voorliefde hebben voor

Affect: translate from English into French

Translate affect into French}
Affecter, Affect, Toucher, Concerner, Atteindre, Émouvoir, Feindre

Affect: translate from English into German

Translate affect into German}
Beeinträchtigen, Beeinflussen, Affekt, Betreffen, Berühren, Treffen, Befallen, Angreifen, Tangieren, Bewegen, Sich auswirken, Zusetzen, Sich schlagen auf

Affect: translate from English into Hindi

Translate affect into Hindi}
प्रभावित करना, स्वंग भरना, व्यवहार करना, भेस बनाना, ढोंग करना, प्रभाव डालना, असर करना

Affect: translate from English into Italian

Translate affect into Italian}
Influenzare, Interessare, Colpire, Riguardare, Influire su, Incidere su, Toccare, Affettare, Commuovere, Fingere, Simulare, Prediligere, Vivere, Preferire, Trovarsi

Affect: translate from English into Korean

Translate affect into Korean}
영향을 미치다, 감정, 정서, 체하다, 뽐내다, 빼다, ...에 영향을 미치다, 침범하다, 감동시키다, 즐겨 사용하다, 취하는 경향이 있다, 관하다

Affect: translate from English into Russian

Translate affect into Russian}
Оказывать воздействие, Влиять, Аффект, Воздействовать, Затронуть, Затрагивать, Поражать, Действовать, Действовать на, Задевать, Наносить ущерб, Вредить, Волновать, Трогать, Притворяться, Прикидываться, Любить, Драпироваться, Делать вид, Предпочитать, Стремиться, Назначать

Affect: translate from English into Spanish

Translate affect into Spanish}
Afectar, Influir, Conmover, Sentimiento, Fingir, Lucir, Enternecer, Darse de

Word origin

late 19th century: coined in German from Latin affectus ‘disposition’, from afficere ‘to influence’ (see affect2).

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