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English words containing rotos:

Meanings of Protosalt:


A salt in which the anion occurs in the smallest possible proportion relative to the metal cation (i.e. in which the metal occurs in its lowest oxidation state).

Meanings of Protoscientific:


Of or relating to primitive science, or an early stage in the development of modern science.

Meanings of Protospore:


Originally: an early stage in fungal spore development believed to be analogous to the prothallus in ferns. in later use: specifically a uninucleate segment formed by the cleavage of a multinucleate mass of cytoplasm from which the spore or sporangium develops.

Meanings of Protostar:


A contracting mass of gas which represents an early stage in the formation of a star, before nucleosynthesis has begun.

Usage examples:

Elongated chains of dust grains like these appear in the early stages of planet formation around a …

Meanings of Protostele:


A type of stele typical of primitive plants (still found in, e.g., the seedling stages of many ferns) that lacks pith and consists of a solid core of xylem surrounded by a cylinder of phloem.

Meanings of Protostelic:


Of or relating to a protostele; possessing a protostele.



Meanings of Protostome:


A multicellular organism whose mouth develops from a primary embryonic opening, such as an annelid, mollusc, or arthropod.

Usage examples:

These animals are all protostomes - the mouth develops before the anus in the young embryo - and th…

Meanings of Protosulphate:


A sulphate in which the sulphate anion occurs in its smallest possible proportion relative to the other element (i.e. one in which the other element occurs in its lowest oxidation state). compare "proto-", persulphate .

Meanings of Rotos:


An illustrated or pictorial (section of a) newspaper or magazine, originally and chiefly one printed by rotogravure; especially a sunday supplement.

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