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English words containing rooting:

Meanings of Outrooting:


The action of outroot .



Meanings of Rooting:


Cause (a plant or cutting) to grow roots.

Usage examples:

Root your own cuttings from stock plants

The part of a plant which attaches it to the ground or to a support, typically underground, conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant via numerous branches and fibres.

Usage examples:

Cacti have deep and spreading roots

Meanings of Rooting-around:

phrasal verb

To search for something, especially by looking through other things

Usage examples:

Root around in somewhere she was rooting around in her drawer for a pencil.

Meanings of Rooting-out:

phrasal verb

To remove a whole plant, including the roots, from the ground

Usage examples:

I suggest you root out those weeds before they take hold.



Meanings of Unrooting:


Uproot (something).

Usage examples:

Make sure to protect them by using stakes to support the saplings and to keep wind from unrooting t…



Meanings of Uprooting:


Pull (something, especially a tree or plant) out of the ground.

Usage examples:

The elephant's trunk is powerful enough to uproot trees

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