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English words containing roland:

Meanings of Prerolandic:


Situated anterior to the fissure of rolando in the brain.

Meanings of Roland:

proper noun

The most famous of charlemagne's paladins, hero of the chanson de roland (12th century). he is said to have become a friend of oliver, another paladin, after engaging him in single combat in which neither won. roland was killed at the battle of roncesvalles.

Meanings of Rolandic:


Designating the central sulcus (fissure of rolando) or features of the brain associated with this, especially the motor area of the precentral gyrus and the angle at which the central sulcus meets the median plane of the brain.

Meanings of Rolando:


With of and in the genitive, especially in "fissure of rolando". designating the central sulcus, which separates the frontal and parietal lobes on the superolateral surface of the brain, and forms the border between the primary motor and somatosensory areas of the cortex.

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