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Meanings of Booby:


A stupid person.

Usage examples:

But you do rather wonder whether she won't get tired of someone who is either a tongue-tied booby o…

Meanings of Booby-trap:


A hidden weapon that explodes when moved or touched

Usage examples:

Don’t open the door – it may be booby-trapped.

Meanings of Boobyalla:


Any of various australian shrubs or trees which are typically found in sandy or coastal regions; specifically (a) a subspecies of wattle, acacia longifolia sophorae (family fabaceae), which has spikes of bright yellow flowers; (b) any of several shrubs or small trees of the genus myoporum (family scrophulariaceae), which have clusters of small pink or white flowers and are frequently cultivated as ornamental plants, hedges, and windbreaks; also with distinguishing word.

Meanings of Boobyish:


Resembling or characteristic of a booby; booby-like; inept, awkward, blundering.

Meanings of Boobyism:


Foolishness, ignorance; ineptitude; the state or condition of being a booby.

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