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Witness – definition


A person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident, take place.

Usage examples:

Police are appealing for witnesses to the accident

Evidence; proof.

Usage examples:

The memorial service was witness to the wide circle of his interests

A line or remnant of an original surface on a workpiece to show how much material has been removed or the shape of the original outline.


See (an event, typically a crime or accident) happen.

Usage examples:

Staff who witnessed the murder

Have knowledge of (a development) from observation or experience.

Usage examples:

What we are witnessing is the birth of a new political entity

Openly profess one's religious faith.

Usage examples:

One of the purposes of his coming was to nerve the disciples to witness to jesus

A person who sees an event happening, esp. a crime or an accident

Usage examples:

[ c ] according to witnesses, the car used in the robbery was a green van with pennsylvania license…

Someone who gives information in a court of law about a particular person or event, usually when there has been a crime or an accident

Usage examples:

Witness for the defence/prosecution the key witness for the prosecution was given police protection…

Witness translation into English

Witness: translate from English into Chinese

Translate witness into Chinese (Simplified)}
见证, 证人, 目睹, 见证人, 表明

Witness: translate from English into Dutch

Translate witness into Dutch}
Getuige, Getuigenis, Getuigen, Getuige zijn van, Betuigen, Als getuige tekenen

Witness: translate from English into French

Translate witness into French}
Témoin, Témoigner, Témoignage, Spectateur, Signer comme témoin

Witness: translate from English into German

Translate witness into German}
Zeuge, Zeugnis, Erleben, Bezeugen, Sehen, Miterleben, Bestätigen, Mitansehen, Beglaubigen, Zeuge sein bei, Zum beispiel nehmen, An etw denken

Witness: translate from English into Hindi

Translate witness into Hindi}
गवाह, साक्षी, सबूत, साखी, शहादत

Witness: translate from English into Italian

Translate witness into Italian}
Testimonianza, Testimone, Testimoniare, Assistere a, Teste, Constatare, Spettatore, Autenticare

Witness: translate from English into Korean

Translate witness into Korean}
증인, 증거, 목격자, 증거물, 연서인, 여호와의 증인의 신자, 목격하다, ...에 입회하다, 입증하다, 증명하다, 증거가 되다

Witness: translate from English into Russian

Translate witness into Russian}
Свидетель, Свидетельство, Свидетельствовать, Заверитель, Очевидец, Понятой, Доказательство, Быть свидетелем, Видеть, Давать показания, Заверять, Служить доказательством, Служить уликой

Witness: translate from English into Spanish

Translate witness into Spanish}
Testigo, Testimonio, Presenciar, Testificar, Atestiguar, Dar testimonio, Asistir, Espectador, Ver, Deponente, Ser espectador, Firmar

Word origin

Old English witnes (see wit1, -ness).

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