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The meaning of Watch


Watch – definition


Exercise care, caution, or restraint about.

Usage examples:

Most women watch their diet during pregnancy

Remain awake for the purpose of religious observance.

Usage examples:

She watched whole nights in the church

A small timepiece worn typically on a strap on one's wrist.

Usage examples:

My watch had stopped

An act or instance of carefully observing someone or something over a period of time.

Usage examples:

The security forces have been keeping a close watch on our activities

A film or programme considered in terms of its appeal to the public.

Usage examples:

This movie's an engrossing watch

A flock of nightingales.

Usage examples:

A watch of nightingales began flying south

Look attentively

Watch translation into English

Watch: translate from English into Chinese

Translate watch into Chinese (Simplified)}
手表, 看, 表, 观, 注视, 看守, 察看, 看管, 望, 钟, 视察, 伺, 把, 锺

Watch: translate from English into Dutch

Translate watch into Dutch}
Horloge, Volgen, Kijken naar, Wacht, Waken, Letten op, Uitkijken, Bewaken, Gadeslaan, Toezicht, Bespieden, Polshorloge, Hoeden, Waakzaam zijn, Nachtwake, In het oog houden, Waakzaamheid, Wachter, Beloeren, Nagaan, Waarneming, Wakker blijven, Zakuurwerk, Naogen, Op zijn hoede zijn, Op wacht staan

Watch: translate from English into French

Translate watch into French}
Regardez, Montre, Regarder, Surveiller, Voir, Surveillance, Observer, Quart, Veiller, Garde, Guetter, Être vigilant, Épier, Attendre, Vigilance, Guet, Vigie, Sentinelle, Veillée, Faire le guet, Surveiller avec vigilance, Vigile, Messe de minuit, Faire attention aux détails, Service messe de nuit, Faire la messe de minuit

Watch: translate from English into German

Translate watch into German}
Uhr, Beobachten, Sehen, Ansehen, Armbanduhr, Aufpassen, Zusehen, Zuschauen, Wachen, Überwachen, Gucken, Wache, Achtgeben, Wächter, Abwarten, Achten auf, Nachsehen, Abpassen, Wachdienst, Wachhabende, Wachmannschaft

Watch: translate from English into Hindi

Translate watch into Hindi}
घड़ी, निगरानी, पहरा, नज़र रखना, ध्यान से देखना, ग़ौर से देखना, पर्यवेक्षण करना, निगरानी करना, निगरानी रखना, निगाह रखना, देख-भाल, देख-भाल करना, देख-भाल रखना, चौकसी, ताक्, रात को जागना

Watch: translate from English into Italian

Translate watch into Italian}
Guarda, Guardare, Orologio, Osservare, Guardia, Sorvegliare, Vigilare, Fare attenzione, Veglia, Badare, Sorveglianza, Stare a guardare, Stare in guardia, Orologio da polso, Sentinella, Turno, Quarto

Watch: translate from English into Korean

Translate watch into Korean}
보다, 손목 시계, 감시, 경계, 살피다, 기다리다, 노리다, 자지 않고 지킴, 경비대, 자지 않다, 돌보다, 손목시계, 회중시계, 당직시간, 지켜보다, 망을 보다, 감시하다, 구경하다

Watch: translate from English into Russian

Translate watch into Russian}
Смотреть, Часы, Наблюдать, Вахта, Наблюдение, Следить, Дозор, Внимание, Бодрствовать, Охранять, Ждать, Караулить, Сторожить, Стеречь, Дежурить, Бдительность, Стража, Вахтенный, Выжидать, Страж, Сторож, Покараулить, Бодрствование

Watch: translate from English into Spanish

Translate watch into Spanish}
Reloj, Ver, Mirar, Observar, Vigilancia, Vigilar, Guardia, Contemplar, Tener cuidado, Esperar, Vela, Prestar atención, Guardar, Espiar, Acechar, Vigilia, Proteger, Atisbar, Vigía, Aguardar, Centinela, Ronda, Ser cuidadoso, Tener ojo, Velada, Investigación

Word origin

Old English wæcce ‘watchfulness’, wæccende ‘remaining awake’; related to wake1. The sense ‘small timepiece’ probably developed by way of a sense ‘alarm device attached to a clock’.

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