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Wake – definition


Hold a vigil beside (someone who has died).

Usage examples:

We waked jim last night

A watch or vigil held beside the body of someone who has died, sometimes accompanied by ritual observances.

Usage examples:

He was attending a friend's wake

An annual festival and holiday held in some parts of northern england, originally one held in a rural parish on the feast day of the patron saint of the church.

Usage examples:

His workers absented themselves for the local wakes

A trail of disturbed water or air left by the passage of a ship or aircraft.

Usage examples:

The reason given for this crash was that the aircraft flew into the wake of another aircraft, and t…

Wake translation into English

Wake: translate from English into Chinese

Translate wake into Chinese (Simplified)}
唤醒, 醒来, 醒, 叫醒, 苏醒, 睡醒, 觉醒, 觉, 痕迹, 稣, 苏

Wake: translate from English into Dutch

Translate wake into Dutch}
Wakker worden, Wekken, Ontwaken, Zog, Wakker maken, Waken, Opwekken, Wakker schudden, Waak, Bijkomen, Wakker zijn, Nachtwake, Kermis, Kielwater, Nachtwake bij een lijk, Kerkwijdingsfeest

Wake: translate from English into French

Translate wake into French}
Se réveiller, Réveiller, Sillage, Veiller, Faire réveiller, Vigilance, Veillée mortuaire

Wake: translate from English into German

Translate wake into German}
Aufwachen, Wecken, Gefolge, Erwachen, Aufwecken, Sog, Erwecken, Kielwasser, Totenwache

Wake: translate from English into Hindi

Translate wake into Hindi}
जागना, जगाना, जागरण, जागृत होना, जागृत करना, नाव की पानी में चलने की लकीर

Wake: translate from English into Italian

Translate wake into Italian}
Veglia, Scia, Svegliarsi, Svegliare, Veglia funebre, Risvegliare, Destare, Ridestare, Vegliare, Rianimare, Vigilia, Provocare, Orma, Animare, Fare la veglia

Wake: translate from English into Korean

Translate wake into Korean}
일어나 다, 깨어 있다, 활기 띠다, 밤샘, 배가 지나간 자리, 지나간 자국, 잠이 깨다, 각성하다, 경야하다, 각성시키다, 소생시키다, 정적을 깨뜨리다, 밤을 새우다, 철야제, 한 해 한번의 한두 주일간의 휴일

Wake: translate from English into Russian

Translate wake into Russian}
Будить, Разбудить, Просыпаться, Бодрствование, Поминки, Осознать, Очнуться, Пробуждать, Бодрствовать, Опомниться, Возбуждать, Кильватер, Справлять поминки, Храмовой праздник

Wake: translate from English into Spanish

Translate wake into Spanish}
Despertarse, Despertar, Estela, Vigilia, Velar, Vela, Velorio, Velatorio

Word origin

late 15th century (denoting a track made by a person or thing): probably via Middle Low German from Old Norse vǫk, vaka ‘hole or opening in ice’.

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