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The meaning of To


To – definition


Expressing motion in the direction of (a particular location).

Usage examples:

Walking down to the shops

Approaching or reaching (a particular condition).

Usage examples:

Christopher's expression changed from amazement to joy

Identifying the person or thing affected by or receiving something.

Usage examples:

You were terribly unkind to her

Identifying a particular relationship between one person and another.

Usage examples:

He is married to his cousin emma

Indicating that two things are attached or linked.

Usage examples:

He had left his dog tied to a drainpipe

Concerning or likely to concern (something).

Usage examples:

A threat to world peace

Used to introduce the second element in a comparison.

Usage examples:

The club's nothing to what it once was

Placed before a debit entry in accounting.


So as to be closed or nearly closed.

Usage examples:

He pulled the door to behind him
infinitive particle

Used with the base form of a verb to indicate that the verb is in the infinitive.

Usage examples:

I set out to buy food
infinitive particle

Used without a verb following when the missing verb is clearly understood.

Usage examples:

He asked her to come but she said she didn't want to

Used before a verb showing that it is in the infinitive

Usage examples:

She agreed to help., i asked her to finish by friday., i need to eat something., i’d love to visit …

To translation into English

To: translate from English into Chinese

Translate to into Chinese (Simplified)}
至, 于, 对, 向, 给, 往, 由, 止, 遏, 愬

To: translate from English into Dutch

Translate to into Dutch}
Tot, Om, Aan, Naar, Te, Voor-, Om te, Bij, Ter, Tegen, Toe, Tot aan, Tot op, Naar toe

To: translate from English into French

Translate to into French}
À, De, Pour, Vers, Sur, En, Avec, Par, Chez, Jusqu'à

To: translate from English into German

Translate to into German}
Zu, Auf, Bis, An, Nach, In, Gegen, Gegenüber, Um ... zu

To: translate from English into Hindi

Translate to into Hindi}
प्रति, से, तक, के लिये, के पास, की ओर, के प्रति, सेवा में, की तरफ़, सेवा में (पत्राचार के संदर्भ में)

To: translate from English into Italian

Translate to into Italian}
A, Per, Di, Da, Verso, In, Con, Fino a, Particella dell'infinitivo

To: translate from English into Korean

Translate to into Korean}
에게, ...에, 에, ...에게, ...으로, ...까지, ...하기 위한, ...하기 위하여, 게, ...에 대하여, ...에 비하여, ...에 맞추어서, ...하는 일, ...을 마주보고, ...을 위하여, ...몇 분 전, ...하게도, ...쪽으로

To: translate from English into Russian

Translate to into Russian}
К, В, До, На, Для, Телеграфное отделение, Телеграфная контора

To: translate from English into Spanish

Translate to into Spanish}
A, Para, En, Hasta, Por, Hacia, Según, Contra

Word origin

Old English tō (adverb and preposition), of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch toe and German zu .

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