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The meaning of Tithe


Tithe – definition


One tenth of annual produce or earnings, formerly taken as a tax for the support of the church and clergy.

Usage examples:

They retained only one direct tax, the tithe on agricultural produce (decima).

Pay or give as a tithe.

Usage examples:

He tithes 10 per cent of his income to the church

A tenth part of someone's produce or income that they give or pay as a tax to the church

Tithe translation into English

Tithe: translate from English into Chinese

Translate tithe into Chinese (Simplified)}
十一奉献, 仂

Tithe: translate from English into Dutch

Translate tithe into Dutch}
Tienden, Tiende deel, Tienden heffen, Vertienden

Tithe: translate from English into French

Translate tithe into French}
Dîme, Dîmer

Tithe: translate from English into German

Translate tithe into German}
Zehnt, Den zehnten bezahlen

Tithe: translate from English into Hindi

Translate tithe into Hindi}
कन, दसवां भाग, दशमांश कर, उपज दशमांश

Tithe: translate from English into Italian

Translate tithe into Italian}

Tithe: translate from English into Korean

Translate tithe into Korean}
십일조, 십분의 한, 십일조를 부과하다, 십일조를 바치다

Tithe: translate from English into Russian

Translate tithe into Russian}
Десятина, Церковная десятина, Десятая часть, Платить церковную десятину, Облагать церковной десятиной, Капелька, Крошечка, Чуточка

Tithe: translate from English into Spanish

Translate tithe into Spanish}
Diezmo, Décimo

Word origin

Old English tēotha (adjective in the ordinal sense ‘tenth’, used in a specialized sense as a noun), tēothian (verb).

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