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The meaning of Tasked

Tasked – definition


Assign a task to.

Usage examples:

Nato troops are tasked with separating the warring parties

A piece of work to be done or undertaken.

Usage examples:

A new manager was given the task of developing the club's talent

Past simple and past participle of task

Usage examples:

We have been tasked with setting up camps for refugees.

Tasked translation into English

Tasked: translate from English into Chinese

Translate tasked into Chinese (Simplified)}
有任务的, 责成, 派给工作

Tasked: translate from English into Dutch

Translate tasked into Dutch}
Belast, Taak opgeven, Veel vergen van, Op de proef stellen, Hard laten werken, Werk opleggen

Tasked: translate from English into French

Translate tasked into French}

Tasked: translate from English into German

Translate tasked into German}

Tasked: translate from English into Hindi

Translate tasked into Hindi}
काम सौंपा, काम देना, कार्य देना, पाठ देना, लादना, लाद देना

Tasked: translate from English into Italian

Translate tasked into Italian}
Incaricato, Assegnare un compito, Affaticare

Tasked: translate from English into Korean

Translate tasked into Korean}
임무, ...에게 일을 과하다, ...에게 일을 할당하다, 혹사하다

Tasked: translate from English into Russian

Translate tasked into Russian}
Поручено, Обременять, Перегружать, Задавать работу

Tasked: translate from English into Spanish

Translate tasked into Spanish}
Encargado, Encargar

Word origin

Middle English: from an Old Northern French variant of Old French tasche, from medieval Latin tasca, alteration of taxa, from Latin taxare ‘censure, charge’ (see tax). An early sense of the v

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