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Swim – definition


Propel the body through water by using the limbs, or (in the case of a fish or other aquatic animal) by using fins, tail, or other bodily movement.

Usage examples:

They swam ashore

Be immersed in or covered with liquid.

Usage examples:

Mashed potatoes swimming in gravy

Appear to reel or whirl before one's eyes.

Usage examples:

Emily rubbed her eyes as the figures swam before her eyes

An act or period of swimming.

Usage examples:

We went for a swim in the river

A pool in a river that is a particularly good spot for fishing.

Usage examples:

He landed two 5 lb chub from the same swim

Travel through water

Swim translation into English

Swim: translate from English into Chinese

Translate swim into Chinese (Simplified)}
游泳, 游, 泳, 浮, 澡

Swim: translate from English into Dutch

Translate swim into Dutch}
Zwemmen, Drijven, Duizelen, Overzwemmen, Doen zwemmen, Visrijke plaats

Swim: translate from English into French

Translate swim into French}
Baignade, Nager, Nage, Bain, Natation, Se baigner, Faire de la natation, Se glisser, Aller à la natation, Avoir le vertige, Suivre le courant, Se jeter dans l'eau, Flotter sur l'eau

Swim: translate from English into German

Translate swim into German}
Schwimmen, Bad, Baden

Swim: translate from English into Hindi

Translate swim into Hindi}
तैरना, तैराकी, तैरने की क्रिया, चकराना, उतारना, मछली का फुंकना, बहाव

Swim: translate from English into Italian

Translate swim into Italian}
Nuotare, Nuotata, Attraversare a nuoto, Vacillare, Corrente, Scivolare, Traboccare, Percorrere a nuoto, Essere coperto, Essere inondato, Essere immerso

Swim: translate from English into Korean

Translate swim into Korean}
수영, 헤엄, 시대 조류, 떠오르다, 쓰윽 나아가다, 현기증이 나다, 경영하다, 헤엄쳐 건너가다, 경영에 참가하다, 헤엄치게 하다, 수영하다, 헤엄치다, 물고기의 부레

Swim: translate from English into Russian

Translate swim into Russian}
Плавать, Плавание, Плыть, Проплывать, Головокружение, Кружиться, Проплавать, Заставлять плыть, Быть залитым, Чувствовать головокружение, Переплывать, Обморок, Омут, в котором водится рыба

Swim: translate from English into Spanish

Translate swim into Spanish}
Nadar, Nadada, Baño, Natación, Corriente, Tener vértigo

Word origin

Old English swimman (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zwemmen and German schwimmen .

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