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The meaning of Supine

Supine – definition


(of a person) lying face upwards.

Usage examples:

A supine man is roughly dragged off like a carcass.

Failing to act or protest as a result of moral weakness or indolence.

Usage examples:

They remained supine in the face of terrible wrongdoing

A latin verbal noun used only in the accusative and ablative cases, especially to denote purpose (e.g. mirabile dictu ‘wonderful to relate’).


(lying) flat on your back, looking up

Usage examples:

We walked along the beach, past the rows of supine bodies soaking up the sun., the new director has…

Supine translation into English

Supine: translate from English into Chinese

Translate supine into Chinese (Simplified)}

Supine: translate from English into Dutch

Translate supine into Dutch}
Ruglig, Achteroverliggend, Achterover, Nalatig

Supine: translate from English into French

Translate supine into French}
Couché, Étendu sur le dos, Indolent, Mou, Passif

Supine: translate from English into German

Translate supine into German}
Rückenlage, Träge, Auf dem rücken liegend, Supinium, Gleichgültig, Zurückliegend

Supine: translate from English into Hindi

Translate supine into Hindi}
लापरवाह, ढालुआं, उदासीन, चित्त, उतान पड़ा हुआ

Supine: translate from English into Italian

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Supine: translate from English into Korean

Translate supine into Korean}
부정사, 나태한, 위로 향한, 동사상 명사

Supine: translate from English into Russian

Translate supine into Russian}
Лежащий на спине, Бездеятельный, Супин, Ленивый, Вялый, Инертный, Безразличный, Лежащий навзничь

Supine: translate from English into Spanish

Translate supine into Spanish}
Supino, Flojo, Sin carácter

Word origin

late Middle English: the adjective from Latin supinus ‘bent backwards’ (related to super ‘above’); the noun from late Latin supinum, neuter of supinus .

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