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The meaning of Stoop


Stoop – definition


Bend one's head or body forwards and downwards.

Usage examples:

He stooped down and reached towards the coin

Lower one's moral standards so far as to do something reprehensible.

Usage examples:

Craig wouldn't stoop to thieving

(of a bird of prey) swoop down on a quarry.

Usage examples:

We witnessed an eagle stooping on its prey

A posture in which the head and shoulders are habitually bent forwards.

Usage examples:

A tall, thin man with a stoop

The downward swoop of a bird of prey.

Usage examples:

We were watching annie, another centre falconer, luring a young lanner through a pattern of stoops …

A porch with steps in front of a house or other building.

Usage examples:

We've been sitting on the front stoop of an unlit house, blinking into the darkness, waiting, or so…

A basin for holy water, especially on the wall near the door of a roman catholic church for worshippers to dip their fingers in before crossing themselves.


To bend the top half of the body forward and down

Usage examples:

The mother stooped to button up the coat of her little girl., he walks with a stoop because of arth…

Stoop translation into English

Stoop: translate from English into Chinese

Translate stoop into Chinese (Simplified)}
哈腰, 弯腰, 俯, 门廊, 伛偻, 伛

Stoop: translate from English into Dutch

Translate stoop into Dutch}
Bukken, Buigen, Hellen, Kruik, Vooroverlopen, Overhellen, Aflopen, Gebukt lopen

Stoop: translate from English into French

Translate stoop into French}
Se baisser, Se pencher, Se courber, Voûter, Se voûter, Être voûté, Assaut, Se baisser la tête, Se ruer

Stoop: translate from English into German

Translate stoop into German}
Bücken, Treppe, Sich bücken, Buckel, Sich beugen, Krummer rücken

Stoop: translate from English into Hindi

Translate stoop into Hindi}
गिर, बंदगी, निहुरना, झुकाव, छोटा बरामदा, झपटना, झुकना, नवना, अधीन होना, प्रणाम, अपमानित होना, आगे की ओर झुकना वा झुकानाऽधीन होना, उतरना, नीचे आना

Stoop: translate from English into Italian

Translate stoop into Italian}
Chinarsi, Chinare, Piegarsi, Curvarsi, Curvatura, Umiliarsi, Abbassare, Inchinarsi, Inclinazione, Umiliazione, Abbassamento

Stoop: translate from English into Korean

Translate stoop into Korean}
앞으로 굽은 사람, 현관 입구의 계단, 구부리다, 자기를 낮추어 ...하다, 달려들다, 웅크리다

Stoop: translate from English into Russian

Translate stoop into Russian}
Сутулиться, Сутулость, Наклоняться, Нагибаться, Веранда, Нагибать, Унижаться, Нагнуться, Падение, Открытая веранда, Наклониться вперед, Снисходить, Унижать, Наклонять, Сгорбиться, Горбиться, Сутулить, Крыльцо со ступеньками, Стремительный полет вниз, Снисхождение, Унижение, Устремляться вниз

Stoop: translate from English into Spanish

Translate stoop into Spanish}
Agacharse, Inclinarse, Pórtico, Encorvarse, Cargazón de espaldas, Pequeña veranda, Bajar

Word origin

Middle English (in the sense ‘pail, small cask’): from Old Norse staup, of Germanic origin; related to the verb steep2.

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