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The meaning of Steam

Steam – definition


The vapour into which water is converted when heated, forming a white mist of minute water droplets in the air.

Usage examples:

A cloud of steam

Give off or produce steam.

Usage examples:

A mug of coffee was steaming at her elbow

Cook (food) by heating it in steam from boiling water.

Usage examples:

Steam the vegetables until just tender

(of a ship or train) travel somewhere under steam power.

Usage examples:

The 11.54 steamed into the station

The hot gas that is produced when water boils

Usage examples:

A steam engine, [ i ] the ship steamed out of the harbor.

Steam translation into English

Steam: translate from English into Chinese

Translate steam into Chinese (Simplified)}
蒸汽, 汽, 蒸, 水蒸气, 热气, 烝, 暖气, 回笼, 汽笛, 歊, 炊, 废语, 蒸汽的

Steam: translate from English into Dutch

Translate steam into Dutch}
Stoom-, Stoom, Stomen, Wasem, Damp-, Damp, Waterdamp, Dampen, Uitstomen, Uitwaseming, Uitwasemen

Steam: translate from English into French

Translate steam into French}
Vapeur, Buée, Fumée, Fumer, Bateau à vapeur, Fumiger, Épancher son cœur, Épancher sa bile, Faire cuire à la vapeur, S'évaporer, S'essouffler

Steam: translate from English into German

Translate steam into German}
Dampf, Dämpfen, Dampfen, Dünsten, Dunst, Dunsten

Steam: translate from English into Hindi

Translate steam into Hindi}
भाप, वाष्प, भाप का, वाष्पीय, उत्साह, भक्ति, पुराने ढंग का, अप्रचलित, कालविस्र्द्ध, भाप छोड़ना, भाप निकलना, भाप से पकाना, भाप देना, वाष्प-शक्ति, वाष्प-शक्ति से चलना

Steam: translate from English into Italian

Translate steam into Italian}
Vapore, Cuocere a vapore, Fumo, Vaporizzare, Fumare, Emettere vapore, Esporre al vapore, Funzionare a vapore

Steam: translate from English into Korean

Translate steam into Korean}
증기, 김, 힘, 성내다, 증발하다, 김이 나다, 증기로 움직이다, 일을 진척시키다, 증기의, 증기에 의한, 증기용의

Steam: translate from English into Russian

Translate steam into Russian}
Готовить на пару, Паровой, Пар, Париться, Парить, Испарение, Выпаривать, Энергия, Выпускать пар, Энтузиазм, Двигаться посредством пара, Идти под парами, Подниматься в виде пара, Превращаться в пар, Варить на пару, Запотевать, Отпотевать, Развивать большую энергию, Подвергать действию пара, Томить

Steam: translate from English into Spanish

Translate steam into Spanish}
Vapor, De vapor, Humo, Vaho, Cocer al vapor, Echar vapor, Empañar

Word origin

Old English stēam ‘vapour’, stēman ‘emit a scent, be exhaled’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch stoom ‘steam’.

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