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The meaning of Splay


Splay – definition


Thrust or spread (things, especially limbs or fingers) out and apart.

Usage examples:

Her hands were splayed across his broad shoulders

A tapered widening of a road at an intersection to increase visibility.

Usage examples:

There was an agreement between the county council and the firm that parking would be allowed on the…

A surface making an oblique angle with another, especially a splayed window or other aperture.

Usage examples:

The fault breaks into many splays near the surface, forming a flower structure, some strands of whi…

A splayed window aperture or other opening.


Turned outward or widened.

Usage examples:

The girls were sitting splay-legged

To spread wide apart

Usage examples:

[ i ] he lay on the floor, his legs splayed out beneath him.

Splay translation into English

Splay: translate from English into Chinese

Translate splay into Chinese (Simplified)}

Splay: translate from English into Dutch

Translate splay into Dutch}
Spreiden, Schuin, Scheef

Splay: translate from English into French

Translate splay into French}
Évaser, Écarter, Ébraser, Tourner en dehors, S'écarter

Splay: translate from English into German

Translate splay into German}
Spreizen, Ausschrägung, Weiten, Ausschrägen, Nach außen gehen

Splay: translate from English into Hindi

Translate splay into Hindi}
टेढ़ा, बेढब, बेडौल, तिरछा, भद्दा, ढलान, गावदुम रचना, टेढा या ढालू बनाना

Splay: translate from English into Italian

Translate splay into Italian}
Divaricare, Strombo, Disteso, Allargato, Allargare, Estendere, Aperto, Distendere, Allargarsi, Aprirsi, Estendersi

Splay: translate from English into Korean

Translate splay into Korean}
넓히다, 보기 흉한, 비스듬히 밖으로 넓히다, 물매 내기, 탈구시키다, 나팔꽃 모양으로 위를 벌려 만들다, 바깥쪽으로 비스듬히 벌어지다, 바깥쪽으로 벌어진

Splay: translate from English into Russian

Translate splay into Russian}
Растопыривать, Вывихнуть, Косой, Скошенный, Косо, Амбразура, Расширяющийся, Скашивать края, Вытянутый, Вывернутый наружу, Откос, Скос, Косолапо, Выворачивать носки наружу, Расширяться, Расширять, Неуклюжий

Splay: translate from English into Spanish

Translate splay into Spanish}
Biselar, Achaflanar

Word origin

Middle English (in the sense ‘unfold to view, display’): shortening of the verb display.

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