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The meaning of Spawn


Spawn – definition


(of a fish, frog, mollusc, crustacean, etc.) release or deposit eggs.

Usage examples:

The fish spawn among fine-leaved plants

(of a person) produce (offspring).

Usage examples:

Why had she married a man who could spawn a boy like that?

The eggs of fish, frogs, etc.

Usage examples:

The fish covers its spawn with gravel

The product or offspring of a person or place.

Usage examples:

The spawn of satan

The mycelium of a fungus, especially a cultivated mushroom.

Usage examples:

A supplier of spawn for shiitake mushrooms

Spawn translation into English

Spawn: translate from English into Chinese

Translate spawn into Chinese (Simplified)}
产卵, 卵, 孳

Spawn: translate from English into Dutch

Translate spawn into Dutch}
Paaien, Kuit, Broed, Kikkerdril, Kuit schieten, Broedsel, Gebroed, Zaad, Viskuit, Voortbrengen, Product, Uitbroeden, Produkt, Eieren leggen, Zich vermenigvuldigen, Wemelen

Spawn: translate from English into French

Translate spawn into French}
Frayer, Frai, Pondre, Ponte, Se reproduire, Œufs, Progéniture, Mycélium, Faire naître, Se multiplier

Spawn: translate from English into German

Translate spawn into German}
Laichen, Laich, Erzeugen, Hervorbringen, Fadengeflecht

Spawn: translate from English into Hindi

Translate spawn into Hindi}
अंडे, अंडे रखना, अंडे देना, परिणाम, नतीजा, कारण, मेढक का अंडा, कुलबुलाना, जलजीवों के अंडे, वंश का विस्तार होना, तिरस्कार में मनुष्य का बच्चा, वंश-वृद्धि करना, मत्स्य अण्ड समूह, मछली आदि के अण्डे, जन्म देना

Spawn: translate from English into Italian

Translate spawn into Italian}
Produrre, Deporre le uova, Uova

Spawn: translate from English into Korean

Translate spawn into Korean}
알, 균사, 낳다, 어란, 애새끼, 수두룩이 낳다, 알을 낳다, 산란하다

Spawn: translate from English into Russian

Translate spawn into Russian}
Порождать, Икра, Метать икру, Отродье, Мицелий, Порождение, Грибница, Потомство, Плодиться, Рассадник, Вызывать, Размножаться

Spawn: translate from English into Spanish

Translate spawn into Spanish}
Aparecer, Desovar, Freza, Engendrar, Huevas, Prole, Semillas

Word origin

late Middle English: shortening of Anglo-Norman French espaundre ‘to shed roe’, variant of Old French espandre ‘pour out’, from Latin expandere ‘expand’.

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