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The meaning of Sow


Sow – definition


Plant (seed) by scattering it on or in the earth.

Usage examples:

Fill a pot with compost and sow a thin layer of seeds on top

Disseminate or introduce (something undesirable).

Usage examples:

The new policy has sown confusion and doubt

An adult female pig, especially one which has farrowed.

Usage examples:

There are ten sows and fifty piglets at the farm

A large block of metal (larger than a ‘pig’) made by smelting.

Usage examples:

The machine produces aluminium sow ingots in a range of sizes

Sow translation into English

Sow: translate from English into Chinese

Translate sow into Chinese (Simplified)}
母猪, 播种, 播, 耩, 彘

Sow: translate from English into Dutch

Translate sow into Dutch}
Zeug, Zaaien, Bezaaien, Uitzaaien, Verspreiden, Poten, Schuitje tin, Gieteling, Geus

Sow: translate from English into French

Translate sow into French}
Truie, Semer, Ensemencer, Cloporte

Sow: translate from English into German

Translate sow into German}
Sau, Säen, Aussäen, Besäen, Anbauen, Wildsau, Dächsin, Massel, Masselgraben

Sow: translate from English into Hindi

Translate sow into Hindi}
बीज बोना, बोना, फैलाना, बीज जमाना, बुआई करना, शूकरी, सुअरी, रोपना, सुअरिया

Sow: translate from English into Italian

Translate sow into Italian}
Seminare, Scrofa, Spargere

Sow: translate from English into Korean

Translate sow into Korean}
요약, 암퇘지, 뿌리다, 씨를 뿌리다, 선철이 흐르는 길, ...의 원인을 뿌리다, ...의 씨를 뿌리다, 원인을 뿌리다

Sow: translate from English into Russian

Translate sow into Russian}
Сеять, Посеять, Свинья, Свиноматка, Засеять, Хавронья, Высевать, Настыль, Подсевать, Засевать, Насеять, Насаждать, Распространять, Высеивать, Козел

Sow: translate from English into Spanish

Translate sow into Spanish}
Sembrar, Cerda, Marrana, Jabalina, Tejón hembra, Galápago, Esparcir

Word origin

Old English sugu ; related to Dutch zeug, German Sau, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin sus and Greek hus ‘pig’.

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