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The meaning of Soups


Soups – definition


A liquid dish, typically savoury and made by boiling meat, fish, or vegetables etc. in stock or water.

Usage examples:

A bowl of tomato soup

A substance or mixture regarded as resembling soup in appearance or consistency.

Usage examples:

The waves and the water beyond have become a thick brown soup

Nitroglycerine or gelignite, especially as used for safe-breaking.


Increase the power and efficiency of an engine or other machine.

Usage examples:

Souping up an engine's power can increase pollutants

A liquid food made esp. by cooking vegetables and sometimes also meat or fish in water and usually served hot

Usage examples:

[ u ] chicken/tomato/vegetable soup

Soups translation into English

Soups: translate from English into Chinese

Translate soups into Chinese (Simplified)}
汤, 羹, 羹汤, 膷

Soups: translate from English into Dutch

Translate soups into Dutch}
Soepen, Soep

Soups: translate from English into French

Translate soups into French}
Soupes, Soupe, Potage

Soups: translate from English into German

Translate soups into German}
Suppen, Suppe, Brühe

Soups: translate from English into Hindi

Translate soups into Hindi}
सूप, शोरबा, जूस, झोल, ताक़त बढ़ाना, सजीव करना, शक्ति ज़्यादा करना

Soups: translate from English into Italian

Translate soups into Italian}
Zuppe, Zuppa, Minestra, Brodo

Soups: translate from English into Korean

Translate soups into Korean}
수프, 국, 탕, 마력, 니트로글리세린, 성능을 높이다, 마력을 높이다, 더 활기를 띠게 하다

Soups: translate from English into Russian

Translate soups into Russian}
Супы, Суп, Похлебка, Нитроглицерин, Увеличивать скорость, Повышать мощность, Густой туман

Soups: translate from English into Spanish

Translate soups into Spanish}
Sopas, Sopa, Caldo, Puré, Aumentar la potencia

Word origin

Middle English: from Old French soupe ‘sop, broth (poured on slices of bread)’, from late Latin suppa, of Germanic origin.

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