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The meaning of Socked


Socked – definition


Hit forcefully.

Usage examples:

Jess socked his father across the face

A garment for the foot and lower part of the leg, typically knitted from wool, cotton, or nylon.

Usage examples:

In more formal settings, black over-the-calf stretch nylon cotton or wool socks are fitting.

A hard blow.

Usage examples:

A sock on the jaw

Past simple and past participle of sock

Usage examples:

He socked the policeman on the jaw/in the eye.

Socked translation into English

Socked: translate from English into Chinese

Translate socked into Chinese (Simplified)}

Socked: translate from English into Dutch

Translate socked into Dutch}
Sokken, Smijten, Gooien, Ranselen, Opdonder geven, Raken, Snoepen

Socked: translate from English into French

Translate socked into French}
Chaussé, Flanquer, Flanquer un coup

Socked: translate from English into German

Translate socked into German}
Besockt, Hauen

Socked: translate from English into Hindi

Translate socked into Hindi}

Socked: translate from English into Italian

Translate socked into Italian}
Calzino, Colpire, Picchiare

Socked: translate from English into Korean

Translate socked into Korean}
양말, 때리다, ...에 양말을 신기다, 수익을 가져오다, 충격을 주다

Socked: translate from English into Russian

Translate socked into Russian}
В носках, Натягивать носки, Давать тумака

Socked: translate from English into Spanish

Translate socked into Spanish}
Calcetín, Pegar

Word origin

Old English socc ‘light shoe’, of Germanic origin, from Latin soccus ‘comic actor's shoe, light low-heeled slipper’, from Greek sukkhos .

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