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The meaning of Rusts


Rusts – definition


Be affected with rust.

Usage examples:

The blades had rusted away

A reddish- or yellowish-brown flaking coating of iron oxide that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation, especially in the presence of moisture.

Usage examples:

Paint protects your car from rust

A fungal disease of plants which results in reddish or brownish patches.

Usage examples:

Many rust diseases are very specialized and have just one or two hosts.

A reddish-brown colour.

Usage examples:

Her rust-coloured coat

A red-brown substance that forms on the surface of iron and steel as a result of decay caused by reacting with air and water

Usage examples:

[ i ] stainless steel won’t rust.

Rusts translation into English

Rusts: translate from English into Chinese

Translate rusts into Chinese (Simplified)}
生锈, 锈, 铁锈, 腐蚀

Rusts: translate from English into Dutch

Translate rusts into Dutch}
Roest, Roesten, Verroesten, Roestig worden, Afstompen, Roestkleurig worden

Rusts: translate from English into French

Translate rusts into French}
Rouille, Rouiller, Se rouiller, Couleur rouille

Rusts: translate from English into German

Translate rusts into German}
Rostet, Rost, Rosten, Verrosten, Einrosten, Brand, Rosten lassen, Verkümmern

Rusts: translate from English into Hindi

Translate rusts into Hindi}
रस्ट परिवार, रतुआ, मोरचा, अस्वस्थ दशा, ज़ंग लगाना, मोरचा खा जाना

Rusts: translate from English into Italian

Translate rusts into Italian}
Arrugginisce, Ruggine, Arrugginire, Arrugginirsi, Corrodere

Rusts: translate from English into Korean

Translate rusts into Korean}
녹, 녹병균, 녹슬다, 슬다, 금속의 녹, 녹병에 걸리다, 무디어지다, 사용하지 않기 때문에 무디어지다, 녹슬게 하다

Rusts: translate from English into Russian

Translate rusts into Russian}
Ржавеет, Ржавчина, Ржаветь, Притупляться, Быть пораженным ржавчиной, Портиться, Слабеть, Делать ржавым

Rusts: translate from English into Spanish

Translate rusts into Spanish}
Se oxida, Moho, Oxidarse, Roya, Oxidar, Herrumbre, Oxidación, Corroerse, Corrosión, Corroer, Color de orín

Word origin

Old English rūst, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch roest, German Rost, also to red.

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