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The meaning of Ruffing


Ruffing – definition


(in bridge, whist, and similar card games) play a trump in a trick which was led in a different suit.

Usage examples:

Declarer ruffed and then led a heart

A projecting starched frill worn round the neck, characteristic of elizabethan and jacobean costume.

Usage examples:

An elizabethan ruff

A projecting or conspicuously coloured ring of feathers or hair round the neck of a bird or mammal.

Usage examples:

A ruff of long pointed feathers

A pigeon of a domestic breed with a ruff of feathers on its neck.


A north eurasian wading bird, the male of which has a large variously coloured ruff and ear tufts in the breeding season, used in display.

Usage examples:

Elsewhere, we came across storks, ruffs and egrets, and herons of all descriptions.

An edible marine fish of australian inshore waters that is related to the australian salmon.


An act of ruffing or opportunity to ruff.

Usage examples:

He gave his partner a spade ruff

One of the basic patterns (rudiments) of drumming, consisting of a single note preceded by either two grace notes played with the other stick (double-stroke ruff or drag) or three grace notes played with alternating sticks (four-stroke ruff).

Usage examples:

One passage suggests the right hand is playing open and closed high hat notes while simultaneously …

Ruffing translation into English

Ruffing: translate from English into Chinese

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Ruffing: translate from English into Dutch

Translate ruffing into Dutch}
Roffelen, Aftroeven

Ruffing: translate from English into French

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Coup de poing, Couper avec un atout

Ruffing: translate from English into German

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Rüschen, Trumpfen, Stechen

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러핑, 으뜸패를 내다

Ruffing: translate from English into Russian

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Вздор, Бить козырем

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Word origin

late 16th century (originally the name of a card game resembling whist): from Old French rouffle, a parallel formation to Italian ronfa (perhaps an alteration of trionfo ‘a trump’).

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