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The meaning of Ruck


Ruck – definition


A loose scrum formed around a player with the ball on the ground.

Usage examples:

Players will be encouraged to go to the ground when tackled to form a ruck

A tightly packed crowd of people.

Usage examples:

Harry squeezed through the ruck to order another pint

A quarrel or fight, especially a brawl involving several people.

Usage examples:

There was a rare old ruck before the police arrived

Take part in a ruck.

Usage examples:

Too often the pack failed to ruck as a unit

Compress or move (cloth or clothing) so that it forms a number of untidy folds or creases.

Usage examples:

Her skirt was rucked up

A crease or wrinkle.


A rucksack.

Usage examples:

I barely had time to repack my ruck

Engage in a ruck.

Usage examples:

With no money and nothing to do, they started rucking

Ordinary people or things, that you consider boring

Usage examples:

Carter's brilliant second novel lifted her out of the ruck., come out from the ruck of grumblers, w…

Ruck translation into English

Ruck: translate from English into Chinese

Translate ruck into Chinese (Simplified)}

Ruck: translate from English into Dutch

Translate ruck into Dutch}
Ruck, Kreuk, Troep, Menigte, Plooi, Rimpel, Grote hoop, Kreukel, Vouw, Kreukelen, Plooien, Rimpelen

Ruck: translate from English into French

Translate ruck into French}
Mêlée ouverte, Foule, Peloton, Faux pli, Groupe, Masses, Godet

Ruck: translate from English into German

Translate ruck into German}
Ruck, Falte, Pulk

Ruck: translate from English into Hindi

Translate ruck into Hindi}
नाक-भौं सिकोड़ना, रक, बल, बल खाना

Ruck: translate from English into Italian

Translate ruck into Italian}
Ruck, Grinza, Increspare, Foglia

Ruck: translate from English into Korean

Translate ruck into Korean}
잡동사니, 럭, 주름살, 럭하다, 주름지게 하다, 주름지게 주름지다

Ruck: translate from English into Russian

Translate ruck into Russian}
Рак, Морщина, Толчея, Безликая масса, Масса, Чернь, Толпа, Множество, Складка, Делать складки, Лошади, оставшиеся за флагом

Ruck: translate from English into Spanish

Translate ruck into Spanish}
Arruga, Melé, Arrugarse, Grueso de pelotón, Arrugar, Gente común

Word origin

1950s: perhaps a shortened form of ruction or ruckus.

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