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The meaning of Rubbing

Rubbing – definition


The action of rubbing something.

Usage examples:

Dab at the stain—vigorous rubbing could damage the carpet

An impression of a design on brass or stone, made by rubbing on paper laid over it with coloured wax, pencil, chalk, etc.

Usage examples:

He has exhibited all over the world with creations that range from collages and sketches to stone r…

Apply firm pressure to the surface of (something), using a repeated back and forth motion.

Usage examples:

She rubbed her arm, where she had a large bruise

(with reference to two things) move or cause to move to and fro against each other with a certain amount of friction.

Usage examples:

Many insects make noises by rubbing parts of their bodies together

Present participle of rub

Rubbing translation into English

Rubbing: translate from English into Chinese

Translate rubbing into Chinese (Simplified)}
擦, 拓片, 拓

Rubbing: translate from English into Dutch

Translate rubbing into Dutch}

Rubbing: translate from English into French

Translate rubbing into French}
Frottement, Frotteur, Massage

Rubbing: translate from English into German

Translate rubbing into German}
Reiben, Reibung, Polieren, Frottieren, Schmirgeln, Schneuern

Rubbing: translate from English into Hindi

Translate rubbing into Hindi}
मलाई, चरबा, चरबा उतारना

Rubbing: translate from English into Italian

Translate rubbing into Italian}
Sfregamento, Fregata, Rilievo, Linimento

Rubbing: translate from English into Korean

Translate rubbing into Korean}
마찰, 탑본, 문지르기, 비명 따위의 탑본

Rubbing: translate from English into Russian

Translate rubbing into Russian}
Растирание, Трение, Натирание

Rubbing: translate from English into Spanish

Translate rubbing into Spanish}
Frotamiento, Fricción, Calco

Word origin

Middle English (as a verb): perhaps from Low German rubben, of unknown ultimate origin. The noun dates from the late 16th century.

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