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The meaning of Rubber


Rubber – definition


A tough elastic polymeric substance made from the latex of a tropical plant or synthetically.

Usage examples:

Heat and sunlight may cause rubber to deteriorate

A piece of rubber used for erasing pencil or ink marks.

Usage examples:

A pencil with a rubber at the end

Rubber boots; galoshes.

Usage examples:

You may have your boots, rubbers and scarf, but are you still depending on your thin fall jacket to…

A condom.

Usage examples:

It'd be a good idea to back the rubbers up with some foam.

A contest consisting of a series of successive matches (typically three or five) between the same sides or people in cricket, tennis, and other games.

Usage examples:

The opening rubber of britain's davis cup tie against argentina

An elastic, waterproof substance made either from the juice of a tree that grows in hotter parts of the world or artificially

Usage examples:

[ u ] rubber boots/gloves, [ u ] tires are made of rubber., [ pl ] wear your rubbers – it’s raining.

An elastic substance (= that stretches) made either from the juice of particular tropical trees or artificially

Usage examples:

Tyres are almost always made of rubber.

An eraser mainly us


Slang for a condom


In baseball, a strip of rubber on a mound (= raised area) that the foot of the pitcher must be touching when they start to throw the ball

Usage examples:

He likes to pitch from the far left side of the rubber.

Old-fashioned for overshoes

Usage examples:

It looks like rain so you might want to wear your rubbers.

A series of three or five games between two teams, especially in card games or cricket

Usage examples:

We played a rubber of bridge.

Rubber translation into English

Rubber: translate from English into Chinese

Translate rubber into Chinese (Simplified)}
橡胶, 胶, 树胶, 涂橡胶于, 胶的

Rubber: translate from English into Dutch

Translate rubber into Dutch}
Rubber, Rubberen, Gummi, Robber, Elastisch, Wrijver, Gummiband, Badhanddoek, Wrijfdoek, Slijpsteen, Wrijfkussen, Wrijfborstel, Wrijflap, Polijster

Rubber: translate from English into French

Translate rubber into French}
Caoutchouc, En caoutchouc, Gomme, Préservatif, Robre, Rob, Capote anglaise

Rubber: translate from English into German

Translate rubber into German}
Gummi, Kautschuk, Radiergummi, Radierer, Ring

Rubber: translate from English into Hindi

Translate rubber into Hindi}
रबड़, रबर, घिसने व्यक्ति, रगड़नेवाला व्यक्ति, रब़ड़

Rubber: translate from English into Italian

Translate rubber into Italian}
Gomma, Di gomma, Caucciù, Rubber, Gomma per cancellare, Massaggiatore, Raschino

Rubber: translate from English into Korean

Translate rubber into Korean}
고무, 탄성 고무, 지우개, 콘돔, 충돌, 홈 베이스, 숫돌, 안마사, 세 판 승부 중 두 판 이기기, 세 판의 승부, ...에 고무를 입히다

Rubber: translate from English into Russian

Translate rubber into Russian}
Резина, Каучук, Резиновый, Резинка, Прорезиненный, Резиновые изделия, Ластик, Презерватив, Массажист, Гондон, Галоши, Оселок, Глазеть, Вытягивать шею, Любопытствовать, Прорезинивать, Покрывать резиной, Автопокрышка, Массажистка, Напильник, Точило

Rubber: translate from English into Spanish

Translate rubber into Spanish}
Goma, Caucho, De goma, Hule, Condón, Goma de borrar, Juego, Paño de pulir, Coto, Cubrir de goma

Word origin

late 16th century: of unknown origin; early use was as a term in bowls.

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