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The meaning of Roughed

Roughed – definition


Work or shape (something) in a rough, preliminary fashion.

Usage examples:

The piece of glass is now roughed into a circular form

Make uneven.

Usage examples:

The water was roughed by the wind

Live in discomfort with only basic necessities.

Usage examples:

She'd had to rough it alone in digs

Having an uneven or irregular surface; not smooth or level.

Usage examples:

They had to carry the victim across the rough, stony ground

(of a person or their behaviour) not gentle; violent or boisterous.

Usage examples:

Pushchairs should be capable of withstanding rough treatment

Not finished tidily or decoratively; plain and basic.

Usage examples:

The customers sat at rough wooden tables

(of a voice) harsh and rasping.

Usage examples:

His voice was rough with barely suppressed fury

Not exact or precise; approximate.

Usage examples:

They had a rough idea of when the murder took place

Difficult and unpleasant or unfair.

Usage examples:

The teachers gave me a rough time because my image didn't fit

In a manner that lacks gentleness; harshly or violently.

Usage examples:

Treat 'em rough but treat 'em fair

A disreputable and violent person.

Usage examples:

The rear of the column was attacked by roughs

(on a golf course) longer grass around the fairway and the green.

Usage examples:

His second shot lay in the rough

A preliminary sketch.

Usage examples:

I did a rough to work out the scale of the lettering

An uncut precious stone.

Usage examples:

Miners discovered one of the biggest diamond roughs in history
phrasal verb

To attack someone physically

Usage examples:

Who roughed this guy up in the parking lot?

Roughed translation into English

Roughed: translate from English into Chinese

Translate roughed into Chinese (Simplified)}
粗加工, 弄乱, 使 ... 粗糙

Roughed: translate from English into Dutch

Translate roughed into Dutch}
Ruw gemaakt, Ruw bewerken, Ruw bekappen

Roughed: translate from English into French

Translate roughed into French}
Malmené, Jouer avec agressivité

Roughed: translate from English into German

Translate roughed into German}

Roughed: translate from English into Hindi

Translate roughed into Hindi}

Roughed: translate from English into Italian

Translate roughed into Italian}

Roughed: translate from English into Korean

Translate roughed into Korean}
거칠게, 대충 갈다, 거칠게 굴다, 거칠게 하다, 징을 박다, 말에 징을 박다, 편자에 징을 박다, 난폭하게 다루다, 보석 따위를 대충 갈다, 렌즈 따위를 대충 갈다

Roughed: translate from English into Russian

Translate roughed into Russian}
Грубо, Мириться с лишениями, Терпеть лишения, Лохматить, Объезжать, Допускать грубость, Подковать на шипы, Ерошить, Делать шероховатым, Делать грубым

Roughed: translate from English into Spanish

Translate roughed into Spanish}

Word origin

Old English rūh, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch ruw and German rauh .

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