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Roosts – definition


A place where birds regularly settle or congregate to rest at night, or where bats congregate to rest in the day.

Usage examples:

Birds were hurrying to their evening roosts

(of a bird or bat) settle or congregate for rest or sleep.

Usage examples:

Migrating martins and swallows were settling to roost

(in the orkneys and shetlands) a tidal race.


A place, such as a branch of a tree, where birds rest or sleep

Usage examples:

In the city, pigeons roost on the ledges of buildings.

Roosts translation into English

Roosts: translate from English into Chinese

Translate roosts into Chinese (Simplified)}
栖息地, 栖, 鸡窝, 过夜

Roosts: translate from English into Dutch

Translate roosts into Dutch}
Slaapplaatsen, Slaapplaats, Roest, Op stok gaan

Roosts: translate from English into French

Translate roosts into French}
Perchoirs, Perchoir, Percher, Jucher, Se jucher, Juchoir

Roosts: translate from English into German

Translate roosts into German}
Schlafplätze, Stange, Hühnerstange, Hühnerstall, Sich niederlassen, Hühnerhaus

Roosts: translate from English into Hindi

Translate roosts into Hindi}
बसेरा, बैठना, अड्डा, अड्डे पर बसेरा लेना

Roosts: translate from English into Italian

Translate roosts into Italian}
Posatoi, Posatoio, Appollaiarsi, Pertica

Roosts: translate from English into Korean

Translate roosts into Korean}
보금자리, 휴식처, 홰, 앉는 나무 막대, 새가 앉는 나무 막대, 홰에 앉은 한 떼의 새, 홰에 앉다, ...에게 휴식처를 제공하다

Roosts: translate from English into Russian

Translate roosts into Russian}
Насесты, Насест, Усаживаться на насест, Курятник, Устраиваться на ночлег, Спальня, Постель

Roosts: translate from English into Spanish

Translate roosts into Spanish}
Dormideros, Gallinero, Percha, Pasar la noche, Dormir en una percha

Word origin

mid 17th century: from Old Norse rǫst .

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