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The meaning of Romanced


Romanced – definition


Try to gain the love of; court.

Usage examples:

The wealthy estate owner romanced her

Another term for romanticize.

Usage examples:

To a certain degree i am romancing the past

A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

Usage examples:

I had a thirst for romance

A quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

Usage examples:

The romance of the sea

A medieval tale dealing with a hero of chivalry, of the kind common in the romance languages.

Usage examples:

The arthurian romances

A work of fiction depicting a setting and events remote from everyday life, especially one of a kind popular in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Usage examples:

Elizabethan pastoral romances

A short informal piece.

Usage examples:

The romance from the gadfly became a popular favourite

Relating to or denoting the group of indo-european languages descended from latin, principally french, spanish, portuguese, italian, catalan, occitan, and romanian.

Usage examples:

The romance languages

The romance languages considered as a group.

Usage examples:

Such guidance is simply invaluable to those who face the bewildering inconsistencies in english whi…

Past simple and past participle of romance

Romanced translation into English

Romanced: translate from English into Chinese

Translate romanced into Chinese (Simplified)}
浪漫的, 虚构

Romanced: translate from English into Dutch

Translate romanced into Dutch}
Geromantiseerd, Maar wat verzinnen

Romanced: translate from English into French

Translate romanced into French}
Romancé, Fabuler, Broder, Vivre un roman d'amour

Romanced: translate from English into German

Translate romanced into German}
Romantisch, Fabulieren, Phantasieren, Fantasieren

Romanced: translate from English into Hindi

Translate romanced into Hindi}
रोमांस, गप्प हांकना, झूठ कहना

Romanced: translate from English into Italian

Translate romanced into Italian}

Romanced: translate from English into Korean

Translate romanced into Korean}
로맨스, 꾸며낸 이야기를 하다

Romanced: translate from English into Russian

Translate romanced into Russian}
Завел роман, Фантазировать, Ухаживать, Приукрашивать действительность, Сочинять, Выдумывать, Преувеличивать

Romanced: translate from English into Spanish

Translate romanced into Spanish}
Romanceado, Fantasear, Soñar, Exagerar

Word origin

Middle English: from Romance, originally denoting a composition in the vernacular as opposed to works in Latin. Early use denoted vernacular verse on the theme of chivalry; the sense ‘genre c

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